Toshiba releases new LDO for ultra-miniature applications

IoT and wearable designs will benefit from small size and reduced power consumption

30th May 2024

Toshiba releases new LDO for ultra-miniature applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) has just announced the release of a new series of low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators in their ultra-miniature DFN4D package type.

Specifically aimed at miniature applications powered by small-scale batteries, the new family of devices significantly reduces power consumption, thereby elongating the usable lifetime. With demand for battery powered IoT equipment/modules, communications modules, wearable devices, and other miniature equipment increasing, the new LDO regulators will help designers meet the ever-increasing expectations of engineers.

The new TCR3LM series offers a comprehensive line-up of over thirty devices spanning the voltage range 0.8V DC to 5.0V DC with an input voltage (VIN) in the range 1.4V DC to 5.5V DC. Each device is capable of delivering up to 300mA of output current (IOUT).

The new TCR3LM offers enhanced drop-out performance with a typical dropout voltage (VDO) of just 137mV. As the output voltage can be achieved with a lower input voltage, battery drain is reduced.

Additionally, the load transient response has been improved, enhancing the output stability when the load fluctuates. Toshiba has achieved a typical transient response of

-70mV / +35mV at 2.8V-output, IOUT = 1mA 100mA, while also managing to reduce the quiescent current (IB(ON)

The ultra-compact solution is housed in a DFN4D package measuring just 1.0mm × 1.0mm × 0.37mm. Furthermore, as small ceramic capacitors can be used on the input and output, the overall solution size is further reduced.

Despite its small size, these feature rich LDO regulators offer overcurrent and over temperature protection as well as an auto discharge function.

The new TCR3LM series is now in mass production.

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