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Toshiba launch a new adapter for unidirectional optical modules

27th March 2019

New device increases isolation and supports short distance data transmission

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has announced the launch of a new adapter for unidirectional optical modules. It is particularly valuable in industrial systems such as power storage systems and high voltage inverters.


The new TOCA1300 allows a fiber optic transmitting module (such as Toshiba’s TOTX1350(F)) to be connected directly to a compatible fiber optic receiving module (e.g. TORX1350A(F) or TORX1355(F)), thereby allowing the transmission of data across short distances.


In systems where a longer isolation distance (‘creepage distance’) is required than is achievable with a photocoupler then the TOCA1300 provides a simple, easy-to-use solution. It is equally valuable where shorter coupling than can be achieved with fiber optic cable is needed.


The TOCA1300 ensures high integrity data transmission when used with the appropriate Toshiba modules and connection security is assured by a withdrawal force of at least 5.9N.


The device has entered mass production and shipments start today.

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