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Toshiba releases low capacitance TVS diodes suitable for ESD protection

21st October 2019

Key use cases include high speed signal lines in industrial applications

Toshiba releases low capacitance TVS diodes suitable for ESD protection
Toshiba releases low capacitance TVS diodes suitable for ESD protection

Toshiba Electronics Europe (“Toshiba”) announces the availability of two low capacitance TVS diodes (ESD protection diodes) that support high speed communication standards, such as Thunderbolt™ 3, HDMI® 2.1 and USB 3.1.


Data-intensive applications, including many industrial applications minimize transfer times for video data or other types of large files by using 10 Gbps or 48 Gbps high speed communication standards. With the increasing miniaturization of the controller ICs used in these high-speed communications, ESD tolerances are decreasing, and it is necessary to enhance measures to counter ESD and surges from mating / un-mating connectors. Insufficient ESD protection can cause significant issues including communication errors and data corruption.


In addition, parts connected to high speed communication lines have a significant effect on data signals. Passive parts on printed circuit boards, such as capacitors and resistors, can distort signal waveforms as can parasitic effects within the printed circuit board. The new TVS diodes reduce these issues as they have a lower capacitance that is suitable for high speed communications. Through optimization of the manufacturing process, the new products achieve a typical total capacitance (Ct) of 0.15pF, which is approximately 25% lower than current products, ensuring stability in high speed communication applications.


The new DF2B5M4ASL supports maximum working peak reverse voltage of 3.6V and DF2B6M4ASL supports 5.5V. Both devices offer a high electrostatic voltage rating (VESD) – the DF2B5M4ASL achieves ±16kV while the DF2B6M4ASL offers ±15kV. Both devices support bidirectional operation and they are housed in a tiny SL2 package measuring just 0.62 mm x 0.32 mm x 0.30 mm.

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