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Toshiba Starts Mass Production of Motor Driver IC with High-Definition Micro Stepping

September 6, 2018

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation


Delivers large current drive and high accuracy control with reduced power consumption

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has started mass production of "TB67S128FTG," a bipolar stepping motor driver with a 50V/5A rating that supports 128 micro steps.

The main demand for high-precision motor control comes from the industrial market. For example, 3D printers used in medical applications and the like require high-definition processing, and electric actuators require high positional accuracy. It is also important to suppress image disturbance in security cameras, and to limit noise from vibration during sound recording. Meeting these needs requires increased motor control accuracy.

In response, Toshiba has improved the motor micro-stepping and increased the definition from 32 steps to 128 steps. 128-micro-step high-resolution motor control is smoother, reduces vibration, and improves rotation angle accuracy.

Mass production of the driver IC is set at 300,000 a month. The front-end process site is Japan Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and the back-end process is outsourced.

Toshiba will continue to apply its advanced capabilities in motor control technologies to securing higher motor accuracy and lower power consumption.

Main features

  • Reduced vibration and noise

A high accuracy drive is realized by high-definition micro stepping with up to 128 steps, which realized much lower vibration than 32-step products[1].

  • Support for high torque drive

Large current drive (50V/5A rating) supports higher torque operation. Heat generation is reduced by adoption of low on resistance (0.25 Ω).

  • High efficiency motor drive and elimination of external components.

AGC[2] technology prevents motor stalls and reduces power consumption, ACDS[3] eliminates components, and ADMD[4] improves current following capability.

  • Support for various I/F

CLK input or serial input can be selected according to the user’s signal source. Current can be controlled directly with the serial input.

  • Built-in error detections

Thermal shutdown detection and overcurrent protection are incorporated. In addition, an open detection function prevents disconnection from the motor during assembly. When activated, they output error detection flags (ERR), ensuring equipment safety and highly reliable designs.


3D printers, surveillance cameras, electric actuators, home appliances (refrigerators and air-conditioners), industrial equipment (banking terminals, such as ATMs, office equipment, facsimile machines, etc.), game machines, such as slot machines, etc.

Main specifications

Product name TB67S128FTG
Control I/F Supports either of CLK input and serial input
maximum ratings

50V, 5A

Package QFN64 (size: 9 mm x 9 mm x 0.9 mm, pin pitch: 0.5 mm)
Other features High accuracy drive due to high-definition micro stepping (up to 128 steps).
Optimization of motor drive current control by AGC.
Elimination of current detection resistor by ACDS.
Improvement of current following capability by ADMD.
Adjustment of constant current by SMD[5].

Error detection functions (thermal shutdown, over current protection, under voltage lockout, and load open detection)

Built-in error detection signal output function
Supports the power-on sequence by the single power drive.
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[1] Comparison with the current product "TB67S249FTG."

[2] AGC: Active Gain Control optimizes drive current to suit required torque. A Toshiba technology that prevents stalls and realizes power savings.

[3] ACDS: Advanced Current Detection System controls motor current without any need for a current detection resistor.

[4] ADMD: Advanced Dynamic Mixed Decay automatically optimizes switching control of Fast Decay and Slow Decay modes to secure high speed rotation.

[5] SMD: Selectable Mixed Decay optimizes drive current to suit the motor.

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