Toshiba’s New Small Surface Mount LDO Regulators Lower Power Consumption and Bring Longer Operating Times to Battery-driven Devices

March 20, 2019

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

TCR5BM, TCR8BM series image

TOKYO— Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched two new series of small surface mount LDO regulators for application in the power supply of mobile devices, imaging and audio-visual products. The 40 regulators in the TCR5BM series support a dropout voltage as low as 100mV and a maximum output current of 500mA, and 40 more in the TCR8BM series extend support to 170mV and 800mA. The TCR5BM and TCR8BM series are both available with VOUT as low as 0.8V, or as high as 3.6V.

Both series are suited to applications that include power supply for MCU, RF devices, and camera CMOS sensors in mobile devices or imaging and audio-visual equipment, which increasingly use lower voltages around 1V.

Mass production started progressively from January 2019 and shipments begin today.

By using a low on-resistance N-channel MOSFET fabricated with the latest generation process and external bias voltage, both series have cut dropout voltage, a cause of power loss, to about 67% that of Toshiba’s current products[1], the lowest in the industry[2].

In addition, with a 98 dB (typ.) ripple rejection ratio, the new products deliver stable operation resistant to high frequency noise from the external environment and DC-DC converters, both causes of malfunction. They also deliver a fast load transient response that prevents malfunctioning due to swift switching of IC operation modes.

Quiescent current is about 50% lower than other high current LDO regulators in the market[2], realizing lower power consumption by devices and longer operating times for battery-driven devices.

Both series are housed in the small surface mount 1.2x1.2mm DFN5B[3] package, which is excellent for space constrained designs. The TCR5BM series supports up to 500mA and the TCR8BM series supports up to 800mA, allowing users to design products more easily.

Artist's impression
(Artist's impression)


Mobile devices, image & audio visual equipment
  • CMOS sensor power supply
  • MCU power supply
  • RF power supply


Low dropout voltage:
  • VDO = 100 mV (typ.) (TCR5BM series)
  • VDO = 170 mV (typ.) (TCR8BM series)
High ripple rejection ratio: R.R. = 98 dB (typ.)
Fast load response characteristics ensure stable operation when the operation mode changes

Main Specifications

Part number Package


Electrical characteristics  (@Tj=25 ℃)
Name Size


Dropout voltage
VDO typ.





DFN5B 1.2x1.2

0.8 to 3.6 V
and 36 voltage

19 100 500 98

0.8 to 3.6 V
and 36 voltage

20 170 800 98
Stock Check & Purchase

TCR5BM series

TCR8BM series

Product Lineup





Part number No.




Part number
TCR5BM series TCR8BM series TCR5BM series TCR8BM series
1 0.8 TCR5BM08A* TCR8BM08A* 21 1.9 TCR5BM19A* TCR8BM19A*
2 0.85 TCR5BM085A* TCR8BM085A* 22 2.0 TCR5BM20A* TCR8BM20A*
3 0.9 TCR5BM09A* TCR8BM09A* 23 2.1 TCR5BM21A* TCR8BM21A*
4 0.95 TCR5BM095A* TCR8BM095A* 24 2.2 TCR5BM22A* TCR8BM22A*
5 1.0 TCR5BM10 TCR8BM10 25 2.3 TCR5BM23A* TCR8BM23A*
6 1.0 TCR5BM10A* TCR8BM10A* 26 2.4 TCR5BM24A* TCR8BM24A*
7 1.05 TCR5BM105 TCR8BM105 27 2.5 TCR5BM25A* TCR8BM25A*
8 1.05 TCR5BM105A* TCR8BM105A* 28 2.6 TCR5BM26A* TCR8BM26A*
9 1.1 TCR5BM11 TCR8BM11 29 2.7 TCR5BM27A* TCR8BM27A*
10 1.1 TCR5BM11A* TCR8BM11A* 30 2.8 TCR5BM28A* TCR8BM28A*
11 1.15 TCR5BM115A* TCR8BM115A* 31 2.85 TCR5BM285A* TCR8BM285A*
12 1.2 TCR5BM12 TCR8BM12 32 2.9 TCR5BM29A* TCR8BM29A*
13 1.2 TCR5BM12A* TCR8BM12A* 33 2.95 TCR5BM295A* TCR8BM295A*
14 1.25 TCR5BM125A* TCR8BM125A* 34 3.0 TCR5BM30A* TCR8BM30A*
15 1.3 TCR5BM13A* TCR8BM13A* 35 3.1 TCR5BM31A* TCR8BM31A*
16 1.4 TCR5BM14A* TCR8BM14A* 36 3.2 TCR5BM32A* TCR8BM32A*
17 1.5 TCR5BM15A* TCR8BM15A* 37 3.3 TCR5BM33A* TCR8BM33A*
18 1.6 TCR5BM16A* TCR8BM16A* 38 3.4 TCR5BM34A* TCR8BM34A*
19 1.7 TCR5BM17A* TCR8BM17A* 39 3.5 TCR5BM35A* TCR8BM35A*
20 1.8 TCR5BM18A* TCR8BM18A* 40 3.6 TCR5BM36A* TCR8BM36A*

Part numbers marked with an asterisk have a built-in under-voltage lockout function.


[1] In comparison with Toshiba’s current TCR5AM series.

[2] As of March 20, 2019, Toshiba survey.

[3] DFN5B package: 1.2×1.2 mm (typ.)

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