My drive is defective. How can I have it repaired?

In many cases, the drive itself is not actually defective, but the problem may arise from the media used, incorrectly installed drivers or software, or a faulty operating system. Please remember these as possible sources of error before going through the effort of replacing the drive. This section of FAQs includes several methods for remedying the problem. If this doesn't help, please refer to the page of "Warranty Support".

If the drive is actually defective, you have to distinguish between the following possibilities:

If the drive was installed in another device (e.g. PC, laptop, external housing, server, etc.) when purchased, then it can only be repaired by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for information on its repair procedure.

If you bought the device separately from a shop, then claims can only be made with the shop that sold you the drive.

About internal HDDs in this website, Toshiba does NOT provide a direct repair service to anyone other than our direct customers. It is not possible to make claims directly to Toshiba in cases of possible defects. Therefore please do NOT send a defective drive to Toshiba, because Toshiba cannot process this type of transaction.