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This page is listing links of the press release and topics published by Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation.
Information in the news and topics, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the news announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice. The news before March 31, 2017 is the news published by Toshiba Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company.

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Toshiba’s New SiC MOSFETs Delivers Low On-Resistance and Significantly Reduced Switching Loss
Toshiba Materials in Major Investment to Increase Silicon Nitride Ball Production Capacity(Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.)
Fast Recovery Diode Housed in a Press-Pack Package That Helps to Reduce the Size and Power Consumption of Power Converters
Expanded Lineup of Surge Protection Zener Diodes that Support the Quality Improvement of Electronic Equipment by Adding SOT-23 Package Products
Toshiba Develops World’s First Double-Gate RC-IEGT, Reduces Switching Loss
Toshiba partners with Farnell to strengthen supply chain for an extended range of new and innovative products
Toshiba Adds Five New MOSFET Gate Driver ICs that Will Help Reduce Device Footprints
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Announces a Plan to Change Directors
Toshiba Announces DT02 7200RPM 2TB Hard Disk Drive
Toshiba and Japan Semiconductor Develop Highly Reliable Versatile Analog Platform with Embedded Non-Volatile Memory for Automotive Applications
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Announces a Plan to Change Directors
Toshiba expands collaboration with MikroElektronika introducing the Clicker 4 for TMPM4K development board for Motor Control
Smart Gate Driver Photocoupler with 2.5 A Output Current Whose Output Type is Widely Used in Industrial Equipment
Toshiba Releases New M3H Group of ARM® Cortex®-M3 Microcontrollers in the TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class
Toshiba Releases 150V N-channel Power MOSFET that Uses Latest Generation Process to Improve Power Supply Efficiency
A 40 V Product Is Added to the Lineup of Small MOSFETs for Automotive Equipment That Help Reduce Power Consumption with Their Low On-Resistance
Lineup Expansion of Voltage Drive Photorelays Having the Smallest Mounting Area in the Industry, Helping Reduce the Size of Semiconductor Testers
Lineup Expansion of 1.5 W MOSFET Products that Use The Small TSOP6F Package and Help Reduce The Size of Equipment
Expanded Lineup of Industry’s Smallest[1] Voltage Driven Photorelays with 4-Form-A Contacts Will Help Reduce Size of Semiconductor Testers
4-Channel Transistor Output Photocouplers That Contribute to High Density Mounting of Insulated Low and Medium-Speed Communication Interfaces
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