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March 29, 2019

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

M4G Group

東芝電子元件及儲存裝置株式會社(東芝)推出針對辦公室自動化(OA)設備、視聽(AV)設備及工業設備推出M4G Group微控制器,擴大採用Arm®Cortex®-M4的TXZ™系列微控制器產品陣容。量產將從選定產品開始,隨後逐步啟動其他產品量產。

M4G Group 採用配置FPU的Arm®Cortex®-M4核心。該產品整合了高性能類比電路、多種計時器和通訊通道,可提供100-177個引腳的一系列封裝選項,內建從512KB到1536KB容量的內建快閃記憶體。工作頻率高達160MHz。

除1.0μs轉換速度的12位元類比數位資料轉換器(多達24通道)和8位元數位類比資料轉換器(2通道)等高精度類比電路之外,M4G Group 還整合有兩個DMA控制器,即高速DMA控制器和多功能DMA控制器。這兩個控制器實現低功耗並具備先進的功能,同時整合了序列記憶體介面(SMIF)、UART、I2C、TSPI和計時器等高度通用的週邊電路,可建構大規模的大型單晶片系統。





  • 高效能Arm Cortex-M4核心,工作頻率高達160MHz
  • 廣泛的記憶體和封裝選項
  • 配備多種介面和通訊通道的通用型微控制器,適用於需要進行高速資料處理的多功能事務機和視聽設備。
Product series TXZ4 Series
Product group M4G Group (1)
CPU core Arm Cortex-M4
Maximum operating frequency 160MHz
Internal oscillator 10MHz(±1%) *1
Built-in memory Flash (code) 512K to 1536KB
Flash (data) 32KB
RAM 130K to 194KB
I/O port 91 to 155
Communication function UART 4 to 8 channels
TSPI 5 to 9 channels
I2C 3 to 5 channels
Serial memory interface (SMIF) 1 channel
CEC 1 channel
12-bit AD converter (ADC) Channel input 16 to 24 channels
Minimum conversion time 1.0μs
8-bit DA converter (DAC) 2 channels
Advanced programmable motor driver (A-PMD)

1 channel

3-phase complementary PWM output: resolution: 12.5ns

Emergency stop function by external input

Timer Used as 32-bit timer: 14 channels
Used as 16-bit timer: 28 channels
Interval sensor detection circuit 1 to 3 units
Long term timer 1 channel
Remote control signal processor (RMC) 1 to 2 channels
Real time clock (RTC) 1 channel
Watchdog timer (WDT) 1 channel
DMA controller (DMAC) 43 to 47 channels /3 units
Operating temperature range -40 to +85℃
Supply voltage 2.7 to 3.6V
Number of pins 100 to 177 pins
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*1: Factory default setting


We have prepared materials to help customers select appropriate products.

Datasheets Explanations of functions and operations, pin assignment and electrical characteristics for each product group. Specifications to support customers applying to actual systems. Download from the product information page
Reference manual
Details of built-in functions (IPs) of products. Specifications allowing customers to check detailed functions of individual IP, such as the clock control/motor control circuit and AD converter, in unit of register.
Download from the product information page
Driver/sample program A CMSIS driver sample and sample program that can check operation on an evaluation board. Source codes, and projects for IAR EWARM and Keil MDK are available. Download from the application note and sample program page
Application notes

Sample program manual.

 Documents are available in unit of function (IP).

Download from the product information page
Evaluation board Customers can check functional features on the evaluation board through actual operation. Available at ChipOneStop
Video clip A video introduction to evaluation boards. Click here >


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