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Launch of 20 Surge-Protection Zener Diode Products that are Suitable for Automotive Equipment
Zener Diodes for Over Voltage Protection that Use the Ultra-Small SOD-962 Package to Contribute to High-Density Mounting on Equipment
Fast Recovery Diode Housed in a Press-Pack Package That Helps to Reduce the Size and Power Consumption of Power Converters
Expanded Lineup of Surge Protection Zener Diodes that Support the Quality Improvement of Electronic Equipment by Adding SOT-23 Package Products
Toshiba Launches Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Diode that Protects High-Frequency Antennas of IoT Devices from ESD
Lineup Expansion of Zener Diodes for Power Line Protection Contributing to Improvement of Equipment Reliability
Lineup expansion of Schottky barrier diodes with 60 V products using the compact US2H package that has excellent heat dissipation allowing easier thermal design : CUHS15F60, CUHS20F60, CUHS15S60, CUHS20S60
Zener diodes for power line surge protection contributing to improvement of equipment reliability : CEZ series, CUZ series, MUZ series, MSZ series
Lineup expansion of SiC SBDs of 650 V contributing to high efficiency of power supply PFCs : TRS12N65FB, TRS16N65FB, TRS20N65FB, TRS24N65FB
SiC SBDs of 650 V/12 A contributing to power saving and high efficiency of power supply PFCs : TRS12A65F, TRS12E65F
Bidirectional TVS diode with a higher peak pulse current rating that contributes to improving reliability of the IC's power supply lines : DF2B5PCT, DF2B7PCT
Toshiba Releases Low Capacitance TVS Diodes Suitable for ESD Protection for Thunderbolt 3 and other High Speed Signal Lines
Low capacitance TVS diodes for automotive applications offering fine protection performance while keeping signal quality at several Gbps : DF2S5M4FS, DF2S6M4FS
A lineup expansion of TVS diodes for mobile devices by a product with an increased peak pulse current rating for improved surge protection performance: DF2B7BSL
Toshiba expands lineup of SBD, which uses a compact package with high heat dissipation ability that allows easier thermal design, by 30 V/ 40 V products: CUHS20F40, CUHS20F30, CUHS15F40, CUHS15F30, CUHS20S40, CUHS20S30, CUHS15S40, CUHS15S30
Expanded the lineup of general rectifier diodes that can reduce power consumption of equipment: CRG04A
A TVS diode with an increased peak pulse current rating to improve surge protection performance for mobile devices: DF2B5BSL
Consumption energy saving general-purpose rectifiers with high ESD protection ability: CRG09A, CRG10A
TVS diodes with improved electrostatic discharge protection performance for high-speed signal lines: DF2B5M5SL, DF2B6M5SL, DF2S5M5SL, DF2S6M5SL
A small, low forward voltage Schottky barrier diode suitable for voltage booster circuits of LCD backlights: CLS10F40
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