Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage’s Status and Measures in Response to the Earthquakes in Ishikawa Region (Third Report)

January 9, 2024

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

In the aftermath of the January 1 major earthquake off the coast of Noto Peninsula, the emergency task force set up by Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation at its Kawasaki headquarters continues to assess the situation. The safety of all employees and their families has been confirmed. The focus now is on restoring the production facility, and providing regular status updates. The impact and status of earthquake damage as of 17:00 today is as follows.

We will release the next update at around 17:00 on January 12.
With regard to deliveries of our products, please contact our sales offices.

Status of Toshiba’s Group Companies’ facilities in Ishikawa area

Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation, Nomi City, Ishikawa Pref., Japan. Semiconductor manufacturing facility

  • We are prioritizing the repair of damaged exhaust pipes in the clean rooms.
  • We have confirmed damage to fused quartz and other parts on the production lines. We are making every effort to expedite arrangements, repairs and replacement of damaged parts, but securing the required number may take some time.
  • We will update the schedule for resuming wafer inputs and restoring full pre-earthquake production levels once the timing is confirmed.
  • Last not but least, we have resumed partial operation of some production processes that suffered little damage.

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