Radio-Frequency Devices

Toshiba offers various radio-frequency (RF) devices specifically designed to reduce the size and improve the performance of wireless communication equipment, such as switches, MOSFETs, transistors and diodes.


Toshiba’s RF-MOSFETs, with output power ranging from 0.1 W to 12 W and power supply voltage ranging from 3.6 V to 12.5 V, are suitable for RF power amplifiers.
RF Bipolar Transistors
Toshiba offers products with low distortion, low NF and high ESD tolerance for various applications.

RF Diodes

Radio-Frequency Schottky Barrier Diodes
They are suitable for radio-frequency signal mixer circuits because the forward voltage is low and the reverse recovery time is short.
Radio-Frequency Switching Diodes
They are particularly optimum for switching UHF/VHF frequency band of TV tuners.
Variable Capacitance Diodes
These diodes have the capacities variable depending on the value of the reverse bias voltage applied. They are used in radio-frequency matching circuits for electronic tuning.


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