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President & CEO Hiroyuki Sato

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

President & CEO Hiroyuki Sato


The effects of global climate change are becoming increasingly severe, with typhoons, floods, and droughts causing extensive damage in many parts of the world, and decarbonization has become a responsibility that companies must address. On the other hand, the rapid digitization of society in recent years requires the development of digital infrastructures that can safely and comfortably utilize vast amounts of data while storing it, and high-performance, energy-saving electronic devices are indispensable for reducing power consumption in these ICT fields. The Group's semiconductors, HDDs, component materials, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment are closely related to all kinds of electronic and industrial equipment, and we will contribute to the decarbonization and digitalization of society by providing products that contribute to the IoT and energy-saving of equipment, the spread of environmentally friendly vehicles, automated driving, and digital society.
Based on the Group's vision of "wanting our semiconductors and storage to continue to be the driving force that changes the world," we will contribute to solving environmental issues through our business activities.

Accelerating efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and contribute to a sustainable society

As a response to carbon neutrality, the Group has set a goal of 100% renewable energy in purchased electricity at all of our sites by FY2030, and we have already achieved 100% renewable energy at our three manufacturing sites in Japan and overseas, including the Himeji Semiconductor Plant. In the future, in addition to sequentially expanding the number of installation sites, we will continue to accelerate the achievement of this goal in conjunction with the introduction of PPA* as well as ongoing energy-saving measures. We have also begun analyzing and disclosing information on risks and opportunities related to climate change in our business operations as part of the disclosure of information based on the TCFD recommendations being promoted by Toshiba Group. Furthermore, we will contribute to a sustainable society through both highly efficient manufacturing and the resolution of environmental issues through our business activities, including a circular economy that promotes the effective use of limited resources, as well as green procurement and consideration for the ecosystem.

* PPA: Abbreviation for "Power Purchase Agreement model". A form of contract in which electricity consumers purchase renewable energy power directly from power generators.

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