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Interface Bridge ICs for Mobile Peripheral Devices

Recently, the interface method between the main processor such as baseband and application processor and the peripheral equipment such as camera and LCD display is different, and an interface bridge that converts and connects different interfaces is required.
We provide peripheral devices such as MPD (Mobile Peripheral Devices) and IO expanders to expand the functions of the main processor as an interface bridge that supports video data transmission methods such as MIPI🄬, LVDS, DisplayPort™, HDMI🄬.


Interface Bridge Lineup

Display Interface Bridge ICs
Toshiba display interface bridge has various display interfaces to facilitate the design of feature-rich mobile equipment realizing superb picture quality.

MIPI® DSI, DPI, DBI-2 LVDS, DisplayPort™, RGB

Camera Interface Bridge ICs
The camera interface bridge enables high-speed transfer of camera image data to support today’s higher camera resolutions.


HDMI® Interface Bridge ICs
There are many applications that require conversion from High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI®) to other formats such as the MIPI ® interface specification. These applications include digital media adapters, smart monitors, set-top boxes, Smart TVs and more.


I/O Expander ICs
I/O Expander can easily expand the functions such as GPIOs, Keypads, LED controls and timers to the exsiting systems.


Technical topics

Discover how Toshiba's Interface Bridge ICs allow connection between varying interfaces. Toshiba Interface Bridge ICs is an interface bridge that allows the conversion and connection of different types of interfaces. Toshiba offers Display Interface Bridge ICs, Camera Interface Bridge ICs, HDMI® Interface Bridge ICs, I/O Expander ICs for mobile peripheral devices. Toshiba display interface bridge have a wide range of display interfaces to work with almost any device or application and provide superb image quality for advanced mobile equipments.The camera interface bridge is engineered to deliver high-speed and reliable camera integration for high-resolution cameras. The HDMI® Interface Bridge is the ideal tool for converting HDMI® to other formats such as the MIPI ® interface specification. The I/O Expander provides a simple way to expand the the functions go GPIOs, Keypads, LED controls to exsiting systems.


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