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Automotive Devices

Automobiles have been making tremendous progress in terms of safety, environmental performance, and the utilization of information technology. Now, a suite of driver-assist technologies that enhance both vehicle and driver safety are attracting much attention, such as collision avoidance, parking assist and self-driving.
Toshiba offers various automotive semiconductor devices, including the image recognition processors, and which are designed to improve driving safety. Toshiba provides leading-edge semiconductor technologies from a future perspective to deliver comprehensive driver assistance solutions that emulate human eyes and other intricate human senses.

Digital Devices

To built-in our latest digital processing technologies in a single chip, we can realize e.g. a more simple/ efficiency motor control processing in a power train system, an image synthesis /processing from multi camera inputs or an interface format converter to be suitable for an LCD panel, and a gap filler of an information transactions between legacy peripheral devices and the latest SoC /network interface.

Dual / Single-Picture Video Processors
The TC90195AXBG incorporates a frame memory to display two independent pictures. It can display two asynchronous video signals simultaneously and overlay graphics signals from a system-on-a-chip (SoC) on video signals.
Video Decoder ICs
These are the decoder ICs from multi format of a Camera input to a digital signal for a graphic SoC, e.g. a car navigation system.
Automotive Microcontrollers
These are micro controllers, built in a Toshiba proprietary motor control IP and/or a functional safety IP, to be suitable especially for an in_vehicle application.
Automotive Interface Bridge ICs
As in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, along with other automotive systems, become more sophisticated, requiring greater functionality and higher performance, an interface gap problem between peripheral devices and Systems-on-chip (SoCs) easily arises.
Image Recognition Processors Visconti™
The processors process input images from in-vehicle cameras and detect the motion of human beings, and their heads and arms as well as vehicles and other objects.

Analog Devices

This figure lists Application Areas for Toshiba's Analog Devices.

Toshiba has a 0.13-μm BiCD process that can integrate analog circuitry with large logic and power (DMOS) devices on the same chip.The BiCD process helps reduce the size and power consumption of automotive systems. With the ever-increasing computerization of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), demand for electronic devices for motor and other applications is increasing.In addition to the 0.13-μm BiCD process, Toshiba offers analog devices with a wide range of current and voltage ratings as well as circuit technologies that are optimized for various applications.

Automotive power amplifier ICs
Toshiba's 4-channel power amplifier ICs fabricated using a 0.13μm process with the industry's lowest-in-class on-resistance provide high reliability.
Automotive Brushless Motor Driver ICs
Providing solutions with high robustness and reliability by Toshiba unique technologies such as sensor-less technology without MCU or functional safety technology.
Automotive Brushed DC Motor Driver ICs
H-Bridge drivers with low Rds DMOS, and pre-drivers that support functional safety for large current motor drive solution.
Automotive Stepping Motor Driver ICs
Providing versatility by adopting clock input control, micro-step operation, and variable protection circuits.
Automotive System Power Supplies
With the increasing performance of automotive electronic devices, it is becoming essential to increase the current capability and the number of outputs of power supply ICs. To address these needs, Toshiba offers system power supply ICs with an integrated DC/DC converter.

Wireless Devices

This is the block diagram of the Remote Keyless Entry System.

RF ICs for automotive communication applications provide a wireless communication capability to operate automotive devices and monitor operating conditions. Their applications include remote keyless entry (RKE) systems that remotely lock and unlock car doors and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that monitor the air pressure of vehicle tires and show warnings for low and high pressure on the instrument cluster.

Automotive RF ICs
RF ICs for automotive communication applications provide a wireless communication capability to operate automotive devices and monitor operating conditions.
RF ICs for Vehicle Communication Services (ETC / DSRC)
Toshiba offers RF ICs specifically designed for various vehicle communications. These ICs provide voice navigation about traffic jams, accidents, highway junctions, etc. in real time and allow enrolled vehicles to pass through tollbooths without having to stop to pay.
RF ICs for Extremely Low-Power Radio Applications
These years, more and more applications use radio frequency (RF) to communicate, and a variety of RF ICs are being required that meet the respective needs.

Discrete Semiconductor

Automotive MOSFETs
Toshiba offers an extensive line of power devices such as power MOSFETs for various automotive applications, including 12V battery and motor control systems.
Automotive Driver ICs
Toshiba offers high/low side switches, gate drivers, etc. that include the protection and diagnostic functions necessary for automotive applications.
Automotive Photocouplers
It combines a high-light-output LED chip and a high-gain photochip. It contributes to the improvement of safety by redundant communication and the reduction of the area occupied by the board.
Automotive Photorelays (MOSFET Output)
Non-contact relays contribute to power saving and long life of the set. In combination with MOSFETS, photovoltaic couplers can realize contactless relays with the desired output.


Automotive TVS Diodes (ESD Protection Diodes)
It absorbs static electricity from outside, prevents circuit malfunction, and protects the device.
Automotive Schottky Barrier Diodes
Schottky barrier diodes are available with a wide range of reverse voltage specifications extending from 20 V to 60 V.
Automotive Rectifier Diodes
Toshiba offers rectification diodes in surface-mount packages with a reverse voltage ranging from 200 V to 1000 V and an average forward current ranging from 0.5 A to 3 A.
Automotive Switching Diodes
To meet diverse customer needs, Toshiba offers products with a wide choice of voltage specifications and available in various small surface-mount packages.
Automotive Zener Diodes
Zener diodes are available with a wide range of Zener voltage specifications extending from 6.2 V to 82 V.


Automotive Bipolar Transistors
Toshiba’s extensive lineup ranges from ultra-small, surface-mounted, small-signal transistors to power transistors with medium-sized, surface-mount packages, including low-saturation and high-current types.
Automotive Bias Resistor Built-in Transistors (BRTs, Digital Transistors)
To meet diverse customer needs, Toshiba offers an extensive lineup of resistors available in small surface-mount packages.

Logic ICs

Automotive CMOS Logic ICs
Toshiba’s extensive lineup offers a wide range of functions and includes low-voltage-operation-type and high-speed-type standard logic products. We also offer industry standard packages from small US packages.
Automotive One-Gate Logic ICs (L-MOS)
To meet your needs, Toshiba offer products with various functions that are available in small surface-mount packages.


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