Bipolar Transistors

Toshiba offers a wide range of bipolar transistors suitable for various applications, including radio frequency (RF) and power supply devices.


Bipolar Transistors
Toshiba’s offers an extensive lineup ranging from ultra-small, surface-mounted, small-signal transistors to power transistors with lead-type packages, including low-saturation, high-current, and ultra-high-speed types.
Bias Resistor Built-in Transistors (BRTs, Digital Transistors)
Toshiba offers transistors with a wide variety of built-in resistance values in small packages. The extensive lineup makes it easy to choose the most suitable products depending on usage.
Automotive Bipolar Transistors
Toshiba offers an extensive lineup ranging from ultra-small, surface-mounted, small-signal transistors to power transistors with medium-sized surface-mounted-type packages, including low-saturation and high-current types.
RF Bipolar Transistors
Toshiba offers products with low distortion, low NF and high ESD tolerance for various applications.
Junction FETs
Toshiba offers 1-circuit and 2-circuit JFETs mounted in a small surface-mounted package. They are suitable for high-density electronic devices.
Multi-Chip Discrete Devices
Toshiba offers combination devices, such as MOSFET-diode and transistor-diode combinations, in small packages. Those products are suitable for high-density mounting.

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