Business Outline

Organizations and Business Activities of Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Group

Semiconductor Division

Semiconductor Division provides discrete semiconductors and System LSIs.
Discrete semiconductors are single function semiconductors such as diodes and transistors; they are key components that contribute to energy saving. Drawing on capabilities honed over many years, the Division offers a wide variety of high performance, high reliability products in three major product categories: power devices, small-signal devices and optocouplers. All play a vital role in reducing energy consumptions in product areas extending from home appliances and mobile devices to automobile and infrastructure-related applications, including railway systems and power generation. Demand for discrete semiconductors will grow steadily alongside efforts to realize a low carbon economy.

Furthermore, the focus of our System LSIs are on digital ICs, including the Visconti™ image recognition processor; microcontrollers; and highly efficient analog ICs with low power consumption, particularly motor drivers for the automotive and industrial markets, where high performance, high level integration, low power consumption and competitive costs are essential. Taking full advantage of core strengths in large scale integration technology and unique analog devices and design technologies, our System LSIs contribute to the realization that supports safe, secure and comfortable lives with capability-rich edge devices for sensing and processing data and system control.

Advanced Semiconductor Device Development Center
The Advanced Semiconductor Device Development Center is the Semiconductor Division’s R&D operation. It designs devices and develops technologies, including process know-how, for future generations of devices, in collaboration with Toshiba Corp.’s Research and Development Center.

Storage Products Division

The Storage Products Division develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of innovative storage products, among them large density Nearline HDDs for data centers, a focus product, and other HDDs suitable for use in enterprise servers, PCs, surveillance systems, NAS, recorders, gaming, and automotive applications. The Division also offers personal storage (external hard drive). The Storage Products Division advances HDD technologies and innovation and supplies products that secure high levels of customer satisfaction in a broad spectrum of storage market segments.

*Visconti™ is a trademark of Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation.