Lineup Expansion of Brushed DC Motor Driver ICs for Automotive Applications

Product News 2022-11

The package photograph of lineup expansion of brushed DC motor driver ICs for automotive applications

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has expanded the lineup by launching two brushed DC motor driver ICs for automotive applications, “TB9053FTG” and “TB9054FTG,” each of which has incorporated two output driver channels rated at 5 A[1].

The new products TB9053FTG and TB9054FTG have incorporated two output driver channels rated at 5 A[1] and two types of small QFN package (6.0 mm × 6.0 mm (typ.)) are offered. This reduces the mounting area, helping to reduce the size of systems. In addition, by connecting the two channels in parallel, the products can drive one channel rated at 10 A[1]. Furthermore, PWM control with its low H-bridge output ON-resistance of 200 mΩ[2] allows highly efficient motor drive. In addition, their daisy-chain connecting function for SPI communication and motor controlling function by using only SPI communication reduce MCU ports.

[1] The motor current that can drive motors actually is limited by operating conditions such as ambient temperature and power supply voltage.
[2] @Tj=25 °C, Iout=3 A, VBAT=8 V


Automotive equipment

  • Power train systems: Electronic throttle control using H-bridge in engine control, various valve control, etc.
  • Chassis systems: Latch driving and housing for retractable door mirrors, door latches, etc.
  • Others: Control circuits that use H-bridge/half-bridge circuits, etc.


  • Output driver: 2-channel drive, 1-channel drive rated at 10 A[1] using 2 channels connected in parallel, and 4-channel half-bridge drive
  • Low H-bridge output ON-resistance: Ron (H + L) = 200 mΩ (typ.) @Tj=25 °C, Iout = 3 A, VBAT = 8 V
  • SPI communication function: Daisy-chain connecting function and motor controlling function by using only SPI communication reduce the number of MCU ports and the size of system

Main Specifications

Part number



Number of H-bridge channels 2ch (1ch H-Bridge, 4ch Half-Bridge available)
Supported motors Brushed DC motor driver for automotive application
Motor functions Forward / reverse / brake
Other functions

PWM control (Direct / SPI communication),

Slew rate setting

Current limit control, High-side current monitoring
DIAG output, Sleep Mode
Error detections

Over-current detection, over-temperature detection,

VBAT / VCC under-voltage detection

Open-load detection, Initial diagnosis
Operating ranges Power supply voltage 1 VBAT (V) 4.5 to 28.0
Power supply voltage 2 VCC (V) 4.5 to 5.5
Power supply voltage 3 VDDIO (V) 3.0 to 5.5
External power supply 3 power supplies(VBAT, VCC, VDDIO)

Operating temperature

Topr (°C)

-40 to 150
Packages Code and package characteristics P-LQFN40-0606-0.50-001
(A power QFN package)
(A wettable flank VQFN package)
Size (mm)

6.0 × 6.0 (typ.),

t=1.7 (max)

6.0 × 6.0 (typ.),

t=1.0 (max)

Reliability AEC-Q100 / 006 capable

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Some of the functional blocks, circuits, or constants in the block diagram may be omitted or simplified for explanatory purposes.

Application Circuit Examples

For use with 2ch H-Bridge
For use with 1ch H-Bridge
For use with 4ch H-Bridge

The application circuits shown in this document are provided for reference purposes only.
Thorough evaluation is required, especially at the mass production design stage.
Providing these application circuit examples does not grant any license for industrial property rights.

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