400 V Small Size Switching Diode for High-Voltage Circuit

Product News 2023-11

The package photograph of 400 V Small size switching diode for high-voltage circuit.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched the product "HN1D05FE", a 400 V voltage switching diode.

The new product “HN1D05FE” is suitable for applications that require high voltage characteristics such as commercial AC power supply circuits and AC-DC converter circuits for LED illumination.
With a 400 V reverse voltage rating, HN1D05FE is suitable for power supply circuits below 200 V, as well as reverse-current protection and surge protection, and more.
In addition, the new product is housed in a SOT-563 package (Toshiba package name: ES6, 1.6 mm × 1.6 mm (typ.), t=0.55 mm (typ.)) to achieve high voltage characteristics in a small size.
Furthermore, built-in two switching diodes allow reducing the number of devices in circuits which use multiple devices.
Moreover, the package size is reduced by approximately 70 % and the package height is as low as 50 % compared with the SOT-24 package (Toshiba package name: SMQ, 2.9 mm × 2.9 mm (typ.), t=1.1 mm (typ.)) of Toshiba’s existing product 1SS399. This helps to downsizing and thinning of the set.


  • Consumer equipment (home appliances, OA equipment, PC, etc.)
  • Industrial equipment (FA equipment, PV, semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, etc.)


  • High reverse voltage : VR = 400 V
  • Low leakage current : IR = 0.1 μA (max) (VR = 400 V)
  • Small and thin SOT-563 Package : Toshiba Package Name : ES6 (1.6 mm × 1.6 mm (typ.), t = 0.55 mm (typ.))

Main Specifications

(Ta=25 °C)

Part number HN1D05FE
Reverse voltage  VR  (V) 400
Average rectified current  IO  (mA) 100
Forward voltage  VF  (V)
IF=100 mA
Typ. 1
Max 1.3
Reverse current  IR  (μA)
VR=400 V
Max 0.1
Total capacitance  Ct  (pF) Typ. 4.3
Reverse recovery time  trr  (μs) Typ. 0.5
Package Package code (Toshiba package name) SOT-563 (ES6)
Size (mm) Typ. 1.6 × 1.6, t = 0.55

Internal Circuit

The illustration of internal circuit of 400 V small size switching diode for high-voltage circuit.

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