3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver Featuring High-Speed Motor Control with a Faster Internal Oscillator

Product News 2022-10

The package photograph of 3-phase brushless DC motor driver featuring high-speed motor control with a faster internal oscillator.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched a 3-phase brushless DC motor driver IC “TB67B001BFTG” with high-speed control for use with motors such as those of server fans and cleaning robots.

The new product TB67B001BFTG uses Toshiba’s DMOSFET[1] for its output transistor, featuring an output voltage rating of 25 V and an output current rating of 3 A[2]. In addition, it has incorporated a function that detects abnormal rotation frequency that exceeds the maximum rotation frequency. TB67B001BFTG has a faster internal oscillator with a maximum rotation frequency of 1.875 kHz for abnormality detection. This is a 25 % improvement compared to the existing product TB67B001FTG, allowing the rotation control of high-speed motors.

Using the QFN36 package, the product is pin and package compatible with the existing product TB67B001FTG. This allows the product to be used in the same environment as the existing product and replacement is easy.
Furthermore, the ON-resistance of its motor driver output is kept to 0.6 Ω[3] in spite of the small package, helping to reduce the amount of heat generation.

TB67B001BFTG supports a range of motor power supply voltage between 5.5 V and 22 V and can be used for a wide range of applications such as motors for server fans and cleaning robots.

[1] Double-Diffused MOSFET
[2] The motor current that can drive motors actually is limited by operating conditions such as ambient temperature and power supply voltage.
[3] RON(H) (typ.) + RON(L) (typ.)


  • Fan motors, motors for cleaning robots, etc.


  • Capable of high-speed controlling of motor
  • Pin and package compatible with existing product TB67B001FTG
  • Various safety functions (Thermal shutdown, over-current detection, under voltage lockout, lock detection)

Main Specifications

Part number


Supported motors

3-Phase brushless DC motors

Operating range

Power supply voltage

VMopr (V)

@Ta= -40

 to 105 °C

5.5 to 22

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Output voltage  VOUT (V)


Output current  IOUT (A)


Electrical Characteristics

ON-resistance of Output transistor at the U, V and W pins  RON(H)  typ.  (Ω)

@VM=12 V,

Ta=25 °C,

IOUT= -0.1 A


ON-resistance of Output transistor at the U, V and W pins  RON(L)  typ.  (Ω)

@VM=12 V,

Ta=25 °C,

IOUT=0.1 A


Static power supply current at VM

IM  typ.  (mA)



Safety function

Over-current detection, thermal shutdown, Under voltage lockout, Lock detection




Size (mm)

5.0 × 5.0 (typ.)

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