Toshiba Releases 600V Small Intelligent Power Devices for Brushless DC Motor Drives

-Through hole type small package helps reduce mounting area and the size of circuit boards for motor drives-

October 26, 2023

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Toshiba Releases 600V Small Intelligent Power Devices for Brushless DC Motor Drives

KAWASAKI, Japan—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched two products of 600V small intelligent power device (IPD) for brushless DC motor drive applications such as air conditioners, air cleaners, and pumps. Volume shipments of “TPD4163K” and “TPD4164K,” which have output current (DC) ratings of 1A and 2A, respectively, start today.

Both new products are housed in a through hole type HDIP30 package, which reduces the mounting area by approximately 21% against Toshiba’s previous products[1]. This helps reduce the size of motor drive circuit boards.

As power supply voltage may fluctuate significantly in regions with unstable power supply, the voltage has been increased from the 500V of Toshiba’s previous products[1] to 600V, which improves reliability.

A “Reference Design for Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Drive Circuit” that utilizes the functions of the new TPD4164K with a TMPM374FWUG microcontroller with vector control engine is available from today on Toshiba’s website.

Toshiba will continue to expand its product line-up with improved characteristics, to improve design flexibility, and to contribute to carbon neutrality through energy-saving motor control.

[1] DIP26 package products (end-of-life products): TPD4123K, TPD4123AK, TPD4144K, TPD4144AK, TPD4135K, TPD4135AK

Reference Design for BLDC Motor Sensorless Control Circuit

BLDC Motor Sensorless Control Circuit
Simple Block Diagram
Simple Block Diagram


Brushless DC motors in home appliances

  • Fan motors (air conditioner, air cleaner, ventilation fan, ceiling fan, etc.)
  • Pumps


  • High power supply voltage rating to secure operation margin for power supply voltage fluctuations: VBB=600V
  • Small package
    Through hole type HDIP30: 32.8mm×13.5mm (typ.), t=3.525mm (typ.)

Main Specifications

(Ta=25°C unless otherwise specified)

Part number TPD4163K TPD4164K
Absolute maximum ratings Power supply VBB (V) 600
Output current (DC) Iout (A) 1 2
Operation ranges Operating power supply voltage VBB (V) max 450
Electrical Characteristics Output saturation voltage VCEsatH (V) typ. 2.6
VCEsatL (V)
FRD forward voltage VFH (V) typ. 2.0
Package Type Through hole
Toshiba’s name HDIP30
Size (mm) 32.8×13.5 (typ.), t=3.525 (typ.)
Protect function Over-current/thermal shutdown/under-voltage/
shutdown function controlled by SD pin
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