Toshiba Launches New Lineup of MOSFETs and Diodes for Wireless Power Transfer Applications

September 5, 2012

Schottky Barrier Diodes and Dual N-Channel MOSFETs Achieve Industry's Highest Performance in a 2mm Package

IRVINE, Calif., — Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., (TAEC)*, a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, today announced the introduction of a new lineup of small signal middle power type Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) and dual N-channel MOSFETs for wireless power transfer applications.

The demand for wireless charging is growing rapidly. In fact, consumers want their mobile devices - including mobile phones, tablets, notebook PCs, and digital still/video cameras - to charge themselves. A new class of products are being introduced that enable consumers to achieve this goal and charge their devices without plugging them into an outlet. These wireless power transfer applications require low ON-resistance and low forward voltage products for heat suppression in order to be suitable for battery drive devices - which require low power consumption.

"Consumer demands dictate that wireless charging capabilities will soon become the rule rather than the exception," noted Talayeh Saderi, business development engineer for TAEC. "Our new line of dual N-channel MOSFETs and SBDs was designed to help make wireless power transfer a reality without sacrificing performance - in fact, Toshiba's new solutions have achieved the highest performance in the industry in a 2mm package."

Uses for Toshiba's new lineup of MOSFETs and SBDs include backflow prevention in the 500mA USB charger line for mobile phones, contrary connection prevention for chargers, load-switching, low voltage rectification specification, bridge circuits, load switch circuits, power transmission stations for wireless power transfer, and wireless power transmission and receiving applications for mobile phones, tablet devices, notebook PCs, DSCs and DVCs.

Features Include:

  • Low Rdson such as 15.3mOhm
  • Low VF (max): 0.45V, 0.5V, 0.57V
  • Smaller package such as UDFN (2x2mm2 ), SOT23F (2.8x2.9mm2 ), ESC (1.6x0.8mm2 ), CST2B(1.2x0.8mm2 ), etc.

Toshiba has a range of specifications and package lineups to provide the optimal solutions.


Polarity Part number VDSS (V) VGSS (V) ID (A) RDS(ON) max (mΩ) Package (mm)
Pch 1in1 SSM3J328R -20 ±8 -6 39.7 29.8 - SOT-23F (2.8x2.9x0.8)
SSM6J501NU -20 ±8 -10 19 15.3 - SOT-23F (2.8x2.9x0.8)
SSM6J502NU -20 ±8 -6 28.3 23 - UDFN6B (2.0x2.0x0.75)
SSM3J332R -30 ±12 -6 72 50 42 SOT-23 F (2.8x2.9x0.8)
SSM3J334R -30 ±12 -4 - 105 71 SOT-23F (2.8x2.9x0.8)
2in1 SSM6P49NU -20 ±12 -4 76 56 45 UDFN6 (2.0x2.0x0.75)
Nch 1in1 SSM3K333R 30 ±12 6 - 42 28 UDFN6 (2.0x2.0x0.75)
  2in1 SSM6N55NU 30 ±12   - 64 46 UDFN6 (2.0x2.0x0.75)


Type Part number VR (V) IO (A) VF @ IO (V) IR @ VR =30V (µA) Package (mm)
1in1 CES521 30 0.2 0.5(max) 30 ESC (SOD-523) (1.6x0.8x0.6)
CBS05F30 0.5 0.45(max) 50 CST2B - (1.2x0.8x0.38)
CUS08F30 0.8 0.45(max) 50 USC (SOD-323) (2.5x1.25x0.9)
CUS10F30 1 0.5(max) 50 USC (SOD-323) (2.5x1.25x0.9)
2in1 CVJ10F30 1 0.57(max) 50 UFV - (2.0x2.1x0.7)

Pricing and Availability

Toshiba's lineup of dual N-channel MOSFETs and SBDs is currently available. For datasheets, samples , and pricing please contact your Toshiba representative.

*About Toshiba Corp. and TAEC

Through proven commitment, lasting relationships and advanced, reliable electronic components, Toshiba enables its customers to create market-leading designs. Toshiba is the heartbeat within product breakthroughs from OEMs, ODMs, CMs, VARs, distributors and fabless chip companies worldwide. A committed electronic components leader, Toshiba designs and manufactures high-quality flash memory-based storage solutions, solid state drives (SSDs), hard disk drives (HDDs), discrete devices, advanced materials, medical tubes, custom SoCs/ASICs, imaging products, microcontrollers and wireless components that make possible today's leading smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, cameras, medical devices, automotive electronics, enterprise solutions and more.

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. is an independent operating company owned by Toshiba America, Inc., a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, Japan's largest semiconductor manufacturer and the world's third largest semiconductor manufacturer (Gartner, 2011 Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue, March, 2012). Toshiba Corporation was founded in 1875 and today has over 554 subsidiaries and affiliates, with 210,000 employees worldwide. Visit Toshiba's web site at

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