Toshiba launches H-bridge driver IC supporting 1.8-7V/4.0A motor drive

December 12, 2018 

New solution drives 1 or 2 small brushed motor with disposable or rechargeable batteries

Toshiba TC78H653FTG

IRVINE, Calif. –  Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (“Toshiba”) today announced the launch of an addition to its line-up of dual H-bridge driver ICs for DC brushed motors and stepping motors. The new TC78H653FTG supports the low voltage (1.8V) and high current (4.0A) essential for motor-based equipment powered by Alkaline, NiMH, NiCd disposable dry cell batteries, lithium type of rechargeable batteries, or USB port for mobile devices and household electronic products.

The new driver IC is suitable for a wide range of small brushed and stepper motor applications that are driven by relatively low voltage batteries in the range of 1.8V to 7.0V, mobile devices with motors such as cameras, electric toothbrushes, and thermal printers using 3.7V lithium-ion batteries, products for the household such as electronic locks, smart meters, and toys using two 1.5V dry cell batteries, as well as 5V USB powered devices such as pan tilt zoom camera and mini sharpener etc.

In recent years, as advances in the IoT and wireless technologies, demand for applications that can be remotely operated via smartphones and other tools is increasing, that generates a need of battery-powered motor control ICs such as the TC78H653FTG. In fact, this trend is stimulating demand for driver ICs capable of driving devices at voltages as low as 1.8V which can be an operating level of nominal 1.5V or 1.2V batteries that are partially depleted through use.

In the past, mainstream low voltage motor control ICs have been H-bridge devices constructed with bipolar transistors, allowing stable operation at low voltage. However, the associated high levels of current consumption is a challenge that shortens battery life and increases current losses in the IC. In turn, this leads to insufficient motor torque or speed, as the voltage applied to the motor is lowered.

Toshiba’s new dual-H-bridge driver IC TC78H653FTG uses Toshiba’s specialized DMOS process that enables stable low voltage operation to help achieve a longer battery life for the devices. A built-in standby function with ultra low current consumption is designed to further prolong battery lifetime. The device can deliver up to 4.0A for single channel in large mode or 2.0A for two-channel small mode operation for brushed motors. It can also drive 2.0A stepper motors. Improved motor torque is also realized by reducing IC losses output through low on-resistance values of 0.11Ω (large mode) and 0.22Ω (small mode).

The new device is housed in a tiny 3.0mm x 3.0mm QFN16 package that occupies less than one-third of the area of the previous generation devices.

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