Toshiba Releases Small, Low On-resistance Common-drain MOSFET that Contributes to Longer Battery Operating Hours

September 30, 2020


TOKYO— Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has released a 12V, common-drain N-channel MOSFET “SSM6N951L” for the battery protection circuits in lithium-ion battery packs for mobile devices. Shipments start today.

Battery protection circuits in lithium-ion battery packs are required to feature extremely low resistance that reduces heat dissipation during charging and discharging, along with high density and high redundancy that improves the safety of the protection circuit itself. Achieving this requires MOSFETs that are small and thin, with very low On-resistance.

Toshiba has developed a dedicated micro process technology that excels in low On-resistance characteristics to meet emerging requirements such as quick charging. Applying this in SSM6N951L contributes to realizing a longer battery operating life by securing lower standby power consumption, due to low gate-source leakage current characteristics, along with lower power dissipation realized by industry-leading[1] low On-resistance characteristics.

Housed in a very small, thin chip scale package (CSP) (2.14x1.67mm t: 0.11mm (typ.)), the new MOSFET can be used in the limited, narrow mounting spaces characteristic of battery packs.

Toshiba will continue to develop products that are useful for such applications.


Devices with a lithium-ion battery pack

  • Office and personal devices (Smartphones, tablets, power banks and wearable device solutions, etc.)
  • Consumer electronics devices
    (Game consoles, electric toothbrushes, compact digital cameras and digital single-lens reflex cameras)


  • Industry-leading[1] low On-resistance: RSS(ON)=4.6mΩ (typ.) @VGS=3.8V
  • Industry-leading[1] low gate-source leakage current: IGSS=±1μA (max) @VGS=±8V
  • Small size surface mounting TCSP6A-172101 package: 2.14x1.67mm t: 0.11mm (typ.)
  • Common-drain structure that can be easily used in battery protection circuits

Follow the link below for more on the new product.


Follow the link below for more on Toshiba MOSFET line-up.


[1] Comparison with the product of the same maximum rating, according to a survey by Toshiba as of September 29, 2020.

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