Toshiba Launches High Ripple-Rejection Ratio, Low-Noise LDO Regulators with Enhanced Power-Line Stabilization

October 30, 2020


TOKYO—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched the “TCR3RM Series” of 32 LDO regulators that bring enhanced power stabilization to DC power lines for mobile devices such as smartphones and wearable devices. Shipments of the first products in the series start today, and others will follow in turn.

The new TCR3RM series combines a bandgap circuit with a low-pass filter that allows through only extremely low frequencies, and a low-noise, high-speed operational amplifier, to realize an industry-leading[1] high ripple rejection ratio[2] and low output noise voltage.

The 32 products in the lineup have a maximum output current of 300mA and output voltages ranging from 0.9V to 4.5V. Customers can select output voltage by application.

The package is a compact DFN4C package, only 1mm x 1mm, suitable for camera applications, audio applications, and for the RF circuits of power supply lines in mobile devices requiring high-density mounting, such as smartphones and wearable devices.

In typical LDO regulators, when the frequency of noise on input voltage is over 1kHz, the ripple rejection ratio drops approximately 20dB for every 10 times increase in frequency. For noise over 100kHz, it drops approximately 40dB for every 10 times increase. As a result, the LDO regulator may not be sufficiently able to remove noise of over 100kHz generated by DC-DC converter circuits or similar circuits.

The new products offer an ample ripple rejection ratio and output noise voltage characteristics, even at noise frequencies of 100kHz or higher. This contributes to stabilization of power supply lines, including high output voltage accuracy.


Mobile devices

  • Smartphones
  • Wearable devices
  • Audio systems
  • RF circuits, etc.


  • High ripple rejection ratio :
    R.R.=100dB (typ.) @f=1kHz, VOUT=2.8V
    R.R.=68dB (typ.) @f=100kHz, VOUT=2.8V
  • Low output noise voltage : VNO=5μVrms (typ.) @10Hz≤f≤100kHz
  • Low quiescent current : IB(ON)=7μA (typ.) @IOUT=0mA
  • Thin and compact DFN4C package : 1.0×1.0mm, t=0.38mm (typ.)

Follow the link below for more on the new products.

TCR3RM Series

Follow the link below for more on Toshiba’s LDO regulators.

Low-Dropout Regulators (LDO Regulators)

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[1] Among LDO regulators with a maximum output of 300 mA, Toshiba survey as of October 28, 2020.
[2] The ripple rejection ratio (R.R. : Ripple rejection Ratio) is the same as the power supply rejection rate (PSRR: Power Supply Rejection Ratio) indicated on other manufacturers' products.
[3] 32 products. The number showing output voltage goes into "xx".
[4] Except control pull down current (ICT)

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