Toshiba Releases Small Photorelay with High Speed Turn-On Time that Helps Shorten Test Time for Semiconductor Testers

May 25, 2023

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Toshiba Releases Small Photorelay with High Speed Turn-On Time that Helps Shorten Test Time for Semiconductor Testers

KAWASAKI, Japan—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched "TLP3476S," a photorelay in the S-VSON4T package that cuts turn-on time to half that of Toshiba’s current product, TLP3475S. Volume shipments start today.

TLP3476S is faster and more compact than Toshiba's current TLP3475S. It realizes high efficiency optical coupling by improving the optical output of infrared LEDs and optimizing the design of photo detector devices (photodiode arrays). This improves operating speed and pushes turn-on time to a maximum of 0.25ms -- 50% faster. It is also 20% slimmer, due to a smaller, low profile S-VSON4T package that is 1.4mm at maximum. This helps to reduce the size of equipment that requires multiple boards.

TLP3476S is suitable for the pin electronics of semiconductor testers, which use a large number of relays that require a shorter switching time.


  • Semiconductor testers (high-speed memory testers, high-speed logic testers, etc.)
  • Probe cards
  • Measurement equipment


  • Small S-VSON4T packages: 1.45mm × 2.0mm (typ.), t=1.4mm (max)
  • High-speed turn-on time: tON=0.25ms (max)

Main Specifications


Part number TLP3476S
Package Name S-VSON4T
Size (mm) 1.45 × 2.0 (typ.), t=1.4 (max)
Absolute maximum ratings OFF-state output terminal voltage VOFF (V) 60
ON-state current ION (A) 0.4
ON-state current (pulsed) IONP (A) 1.2
Operating temperature Topr (°C) -40 to 110
Coupled electrical characteristics Trigger LED current IFT (mA) max 3.0
ON-state resistance RON (Ω) typ. 1.1
max 1.5
Electrical characteristics Output capacitance COFF (pF) max 20
Switching characteristics Turn-on time tON (ms) @RL=200Ω, VDD=20V, IF=5mA max 0.25
Turn-off time tOFF (ms) 0.2
Isolation characteristics Isolation voltage BVS (Vrms) min 500
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