Toshiba Launches High Voltage, Low Current Consumption LDO Regulators that Help to Lower Equipment Stand-By Power

May 23, 2023

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Toshiba Launches High Voltage, Low Current Consumption LDO Regulators that Help to Lower Equipment Stand-By Power

KAWASAKI, Japan—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched the TCR1HF series of LDO regulators that deliver high voltages, a wide input voltage range, and the industry’s lowest[1] stand-by current consumption. Shipment of the first three products in the new series, “TCR1HF18B,” “TCR1HF33B,” and “TCR1HF50B,” which offer output voltages of 1.8V, 3.3V, and 5.0V, respectively, starts today.

To reduce the power consumption of an electronic product in a standby mode when using a power supply circuit with an LDO regulator, it is necessary the power supply is directly connected to the LDO regulator, and power consumption is reduced by turning off the internal circuit.

The new products support a wide input voltage range of 4V to 36V, which allows them to connect to the 4V to 20V power supply used for USB PD[2], and to 24V power supply. 

They also feature a stand-by current consumption of 1uA (typ.), the lowest in the industry[1], allowing electronic equipment to maintain stand-by operation with very low power consumption. A fast load transient response of -60mV/+50mV (typ.) ensures they deliver stable output voltage during the sudden change in current when a product transitions from stand-by to an operating state.

A reference design “Power multiplexer circuit” using the new product is available.

Toshiba will continue to expand TCR1HF series line-up by adding products with different functions or output voltage values for diverse applications.

[1] Stand-by current comparison with LDO regulators with the same ratings. As of May 2023, Toshiba survey.
[2] USB PD (USB Power Delivery) : A standard for fast charging that uses USB to provide power up to the highest of 100W.

Figure 1 Load transient characteristics
Figure 1 Load transient characteristics
Figure 2 Power multiplexer circuit module board and simple block diagram
Figure 2 Power multiplexer circuit module board and simple block diagram


  • Consumer / Personal equipment (Mobile, Note-PC, Home Appliances, etc.)
  • Industrial equipment


  • Wide range input voltage: VIN=4V to 36V
  • Low current consumption: IBON=1μA (typ.)
  • Maximum output current rating: IOUT=150mA
  • Fast load transient response: ⊿VOUT= -60mV/+50mV (typ.) (IOUT=0mA ⇔ 10mA)
  • General-purpose package  SOT-25 (SMV)

Main Specifications

Part number TCR1HF18B TCR1HF33B TCR1HF50B
Package Name SOT-25 (SMV)
Size typ. (mm) 2.8 × 2.9, t=1.1
Operating ranges Input voltage VIN (V) 4 to 36
Operation temperature Topr (°C) -40 to 125
Electrical characteristics
(Unless otherwise specified, Tj=25°C)
Output voltage VOUT typ. (V) 1.8 3.3 5.0
Output voltage accuracy
VOUT (%)
IOUT=10mA ±1
Quiescent current
IBON typ. (μA)
IOUT=0mA 1
Stand-by current
IB(OFF1) typ. (μA)
VIN=4V 0.24
Load transient response
⊿VOUT typ. (mV)
IOUT=0mA→10mA -60
IOUT=10mA→0mA 50
Thermal shutdown threshold TSDH (°C) Tj rising 155
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Follow the links below for more on the new products.


Follow the link below for more on the reference design using the new product.

Power multiplexer circuit

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