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2002 Press Releases

Product and Corporate Announcements

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Date Title
12-23-02 Toshiba's 333 Megahertz FCRAM™ Named One Of EDN Magazine's Top 100 Products Of The Year For 2002
12-17-02 Toshiba America Electronic Components Supports MontaVista Software For Next-Generation Consumer Products
12-13-02 Toshiba To Build 300-Millimeter Wafer Semiconductor Plants
12-11-02 New 64-Bit RISC Microprocessor From Toshiba Consumes Only 0.6W Power At Maximum 300MHz Operating Frequency
12-10-02 Toshiba And Widcomm Team To Develop Embedded And PC Bluetooth Solutions
12-10-02 Toshiba And Stonestreet One Team To Create Embedded Bluetooth Solution
12-09-02 New Single-Chip Bluetooth LSI From Toshiba Integrates RF And Baseband Circuits
12-03-02 Toshiba And Sony Make Major Advances In Semiconductor Process Technologies
12-02-02 Toshiba Announces Slim TFP MOSFET Packages For High Component Density Power Designs
11-26-02 Toshiba Expands SOC Design Support Network With Opening Of San Diego Design Center
11-12-02 Toshiba Unveils Extensive Bipolar Power Transistor Family With Ultra-Low Saturation Voltage To Reduce Power Consumption In Portable Electronics Devices
11-08-02 AFPD Pte. Ltd. Celebrates Official Plant Opening And Start Of Production Of Advanced TFT-LCDs In Singapore
11-04-02 Toshiba Expands Silicon Germanium Transistor Line Up With Industry's Smallest Package
10-31-02 Toshiba Selects Rambus Yellowstone Interface Solution For Memory
10-29-02 New 64-Bit RISC Microprocessor From Toshiba Utilizes 0.13-Micron Process Technology To Achieve 300MHz Operating Frequency
10-14-02 Toshiba Announces Complete RF Solution For Digital TV Tuners
10-14-02 Toshiba Unveils 2.5Gbps Small Form Factor Optical Transceivers For Short-And Intermediate-Range Optical Networks
10-09-02 Sandisk And Toshiba Announce Development Of 90 Nanometer Process Technology For Binary And MLC NAND Flash
10-07-02 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Becomes First Semiconductor Company To Receive New C-TPAT Customs Certification
10-01-02 Toshiba Adds Nu Horizons To Its Distribution Line-Up Covering North America
09-30-02 Toshiba Showcases Complete TX49 RISC Processor-Based Reference Platform For Entertainment Home Gateways
09-30-02 Toshiba Adds To High-Performance Memory Portfolio With 333MHz Network FCRAM™ Family For Networking And Server Applications
09-26-02 Matsushita And Toshiba To Consolidate CRT Business
09-25-02 Toshiba Announces Bluetooth™ SDIO Card For Mobile Applications
09-23-02 New Voltage Regulator IC For Automotive Applications From Toshiba Achieves World's Lowest Power Consumption
09-20-02 New 64-Bit RISC Microprocessor From Toshiba Has Built-In Data Encryption Standard Algorithm
09-19-02 New 5GHz WLAN Chipset From Toshiba Enables Wireless A/V Distribution In Home Of The Future
09-09-02 Toshiba Announces 1 Gigabyte CompactFlash™ Card
08-29-02 M-Systems And Toshiba Sign Collaboration Agreement Pertaining To Development, Marketing And Supply Of New DiskOnChip® Products
08-19-02 Toshiba Introduces Family Of Photo IC Illumination Sensors For Mobile Applications
08-19-02 New CISC 32-Bit Microprocessor From Toshiba Combines Integrated Color LCD, USB And NAND Flash Memory Controllers And Attains World's Lowest Power Consumption
08-05-02 Toshiba Announces Availability Of 1Kb And 2Kb EEPROM Devices Featuring Ultra-Small US8 Packaging
08-05-02 EEMBC Publishes Benchmark Scores For Toshiba’s TMPR4927 MIPS-Based 64-Bit RISC Processor
07-31-02 Toshiba Expands Line-Up Of Ultra-Compact RF ICs With The Addition Of New Bipolar Linear IC Cell Packs
07-24-02 Hitachi, Ingentix, Matsushita, Sandisk And Toshiba Develop New Mobile Commerce Security Standard For Flash Memory Cards
07-15-02 New RISC Companion Chip From Toshiba Is First IC With On-Chip ATA/ATAPI, USB Device/Host, I2C And PCI Controllers
07-08-02 Toshiba SDHC Selected By TIQIT Computers To Enable World's Smallest Handheld Computer
07-08-02 Toshiba Rolls Out Eight Additional SDHC Controllers For North American Customer Base
06-19-02 Fujitsu And Toshiba To Explore Comprehensive Collaboration In System-On-Chip Business
06-12-02 Toshiba Semiconductor And TAEC To License TiVo Technology For Inclusion In Next-Generation Chip Design
06-10-02 Toshiba Expands MOSFET Packaging Line Up With The Addition Of a Smaller, Thinner And Lighter 8-Pin Solution
06-03-02 Five Suppliers Now Sampling 18-Megabit High-Speed SRAMs Conforming To Industry-Standard SigmaRAM™
06-03-02 Toshiba Expands OC-192 Receiver Line-Up With The Addition Of New PIN Receiver Modules With Integrated Transimpedance And Limiting Amplifiers
06-03-02 Toshiba Announces The Industry's Highest Power Ku-Band GaAs FET For Satellite Communications
06-03-02 Toshiba Expands Solutions For W-CDMA Infrastructure Market With The Introduction Of A 3 Watt S-Band MMIC Drop-In Solution
05-21-02 Toshiba Reaffirms Commitment To LCD Market Through The Development Of Advanced Display Solutions
05-14-02 Toshiba Announces The Industry's Lowest Power Consumption Photocoupler
05-13-02 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Appoints New Vice President Of Business Development For Its Discrete Business Unit And Unveils Vision For Future Growth
05-08-02 Toshiba Announces The Industry's First 60 Watt Extended C-Band GaAs FET For Satellite Communications
05-08-02 Samsung And Toshiba To Manufacture Network Specific DRAM For High-Speed Network Applications
04-17-02 Toshiba Introduces New Line Of Photorelays Offering Fast Switching Speed, High Reliability, Low-Power Consumption And Noise-Free Operation In A Space Saving Package
04-15-02 Toshiba Extends Operating Voltage Of Its VCX High-Speed, Low-Voltage Logic Family Down To 1.2V
04-04-02 Toshiba Adds High Data Rate Optical Fiberless Transmitter And Receiver To Its TOSLINK™ Family Of Fiber-Optic Solutions
04-02-02 IBM, Sony, SCE And Toshiba To Jointly Develop Chip-Making Process Technology
03-25-02 Toshiba Promotes Ichiro Hirata To New Executive Vice President Post At Helm Of System LSI Group
03-25-02 Toshiba Develops The World's Smallest Stacked Multi-Chip Package Currently Available
03-18-02 Toshiba Introduces OC-192 Transponders For Short- And Intermediate-Range Optical Networks
03-18-02 Toshiba Broadens Its Family Of OC-192 Transmitters For High-Speed Networking And Telecommunications Applications
03-14-02 Fujitsu, NEC And Toshiba Agree On Common Specifications For Next-Generation Pseudo SRAM User Interface For Mobile Applications
03-11-02 Toshiba Announces 64Mb And 128Mb Page Mode NOR Flash Memory For Next-Generation Wireless Applications
03-06-02 Electronic Products Magazine Chooses Toshiba's White LED As One Of The 2001 "Products Of The Year"
02-25-02 Agere Systems Selects Toshiba's FCRAM For Use With OC-192 PayloadPlus Network Processor
02-19-02 Toshiba And MIPS Technologies Agree To Joint Development Of Next Generation RISC-Based Microprocessors
02-05-02 Artile, Simplex And Toshiba Present First Application Of The X Architecture As ISSCC
02-05-02 Internet Machines Adds Toshiba Second Generation FCRAM™ To Its IMpower™Network Processing Architecture
01-30-02 Toshiba Licenses ARM Core For Mobile Products
01-29-02 Toshiba And Matsushita Announce Outline Of New LCD Joint Venture
01-28-02 Toshiba's Family Of CMOS 8Mb Low-Power SRAMs Offers The Fastest Access Time Currently Available And New Packaging Options For Design Flexibility
01-24-02 Toshiba Named EDN 2001 Innovation Of The Year Awards Finalist For Its MPEG-4 Video CODEC
01-21-02 Fujitsu And Toshiba Announce Second-Generation FCRAM With Enhanced Performance Up To 200 Megahertz
01-21-02 Toshiba Enhances High-Performance Memory Portfolio With Second Generation FCRAM™ Family For Networking And Server Applications
01-14-02 Toshiba Enters U.S. Automotive Market With Cost-Effective Single Chip Solution For Car Information Systems
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