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2004 Press Releases

Product and Corporate Announcements

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Date Title
12-08-04 Toshiba Announces Expansion Of Power Mosfet Packaging Solution With Smaller, Thinner TSSOP Advance Package With Lead-Free Finish
12-08-04 Toshiba Expands Family Of SOP Advance Mosfets With 8 New Lead-Free Finish Devices For Greater Power Efficiencey
11-08-04 Toshiba Licenses ARM11 Family Processor
11-04-04 Toshiba Announces Industry's Smallest GaAs MESFET Switch For Multi-Band/Multi-Mode Cellular, Bluetooth and WLAN Applications
11-03-04 Toshiba Announces World's Smallest Safety-Standard Compliant Photocoupler
11-01-04 Toshiba And SkipJam Team Up To Provide TX RISC-Based Complete Solutions For The Networked Digital Home
10-19-04 HelloSoft And Toshiba Showcase VoWLAN And VoIP Phone Solution Running Two Simultaneous Channels Of Voice Over A Standard Wired And Wireless LAN Network On A Single ARM Core
10-18-04 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Moves North American Headquarters To Newport Gateway Complex In Irvine
10-18-04 Toshiba Adds New AVM49R Multimedia Reference Platform With Real-Time MPEG-1/2/4 Encoding And Decoding
10-14-04 Toshiba, Xilinx Announce Strategic Foundry Relationship, Reach 90nm/300mm Manufacturing Milestone
09-23-04 Toshiba To Participate In Teleconference Addressing RoHS Data Collection Requirements
09-08-04 Toshiba Announces 1 Gigabyte SD Card And 512 Megabyte High Speed SD Card Using 90 Nanometer NAND Flash Technology
09-06-04 Toshiba, NEC Electronics, and Fujitsu Agree On "COSMORAM Rev.3" Common Specifications For PSRAM
09-02-04 Toshiba's Multi-Level Cell NAND Flash Is Now Supported By SigmaTel D-Major Audio Decoders For MP3 Players
09-01-04 Toshiba Expands World's Smallest LMOS Logic IC Series With Low Voltage, Low Power Consumption Devices
08-23-04 Toshiba To Participate In Gartner Dataquest Semiconductor Industry Summit
08-09-04 Toshiba Introduces New Line-Up Of High-Speed Photorelays For Test And Measurement Instruments
08-03-04 Toshiba Announces Availability Of White Paper On Lead(Pb)-Free Manufacturing And Products
08-03-04 Toshiba And Hellosoft Demonstrate Low-Cost, DSP-Free VoIP Phone
08-02-04 International Electrotechnical Commission Forms Working Group To Set Industrial Standard For Micro Fuel Cells
08-02-04 Toshiba Inks Var Agreement With Marktech Optoelectronics
07-29-04 Toshiba Unveils New Smart Thin Package For Power MOSFETs With Industry's Smallest Mount Area Per Milliohm Of On-Resistance
07-28-04 Toshiba Introduces New Line Of Ultra-Small Photo-Interrupters For Consumer Electronics And Office Equipment Applications
07-07-04 Toshiba Introduces High-Speed, High-Gain Photocoupler For Intelligent Power Modules And Industrial Inverters
06-24-04 Toshiba Announces World's Smallest Direct Methanol Fuel Cell With Energy Output Of 100 Milliwatts
06-17-04 Toshiba To Transfer Part Of Power Semiconductor Business To Mitsubishi Electric
06-07-04 Toshiba To Start Production Of Industry's First SOC With The X Architecture
06-02-04 Toshiba RF Transceiver And Receiver Evaluation Kits Reduce Design Time For Short-Range Wireless Products By Up To 70 Percent
06-01-04 Staktek And Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Announce 576Mb Network FCRAM™
05-25-04 Toshiba Debuts First Full-Color "System On Glass" (SOG) Input Display With Image Capture Technology
05-25-04 Toshiba Expands Line Of Mobile Computing Displays With Lightest Weight SXGA+ 14.1-Inch LCD For Notebook PCs
05-25-04 Toshiba Enhances Mobile Computing Displays Product Portfolio With Addition Of 12.1-Inch WXGA LCD For Notebooks PCs
05-25-04 Toshiba Unveils Sophisticated New Display Technologies For Mobile Computing, Cellphone And Industrial Markets
05-25-04 Toshiba Adds Wide Viewing Angle Technology And 12.1-Inch SXGA+ Display To Line-Up Of "Kangaroo" LCD Modules For Tablet PCs
05-25-04 Toshiba Introduces 5.6-Inch Wide SVGA LCD For Mini-PCs At SID 2004
05-17-04 Toshiba Announces Latest Strategic Memory Roadmaps
05-11-04 Toshiba's New High-Quality 6.5-Inch TFT LCD Delivers Space-Efficient Solution And Long-Term Availability
05-10-04 Toshiba Introduces New 1.8v Multi-Chip Package Memory Solutions With Burst Mode Capabilities For Next-Generation Cellular Phone Applications
05-10-04 Toshiba America Electronics Components, Inc. Releases Performance Research On MLC NAND Flash Memory For Consumer Applications
04-27-04 Toshiba Tapes Out Multiple 90-Nanometer SoC Designs With Synopsys' Galaxy Design Platform
04-20-04 New 32-Bit RISC MCU Family From Toshiba Provides Energy-Efficient Vector Drive And Application Control For Large Household Appliances
04-13-04 Toshiba Starts the Construction of State-of-the Art Wafer Fab For NAND Flash Memory At Yokkaichi Operations
04-12-04 Toshiba Unveils 512Mb Network FCRAM™, The Industry's Largest Density Low Latency DRAM For Network Applications
04-07-04 New 8-Bit Embedded Flash Microcontroller From Toshiba Controls Large Household Appliances
04-06-04 Toshiba Takes NAND Flash Memory To 4-Gigabit Level Using 90 Nanometer Process Technology
03-29-04 Toshiba Unveils Serial Link Cell Agreement With Rambus Targeting Backplane And Fibre Channel Applications
03-29-04 Toshiba Expands Wireless Product Line With New 240-450MHZ ISM RF Transceiver And Transceiver Module For Short-Range Wireless Data Communication Applications
03-29-04 Toshiba TMPR4926 Microprocessor Selected By Coventive Technologies To Enable New Gemini Set-Top Box
03-29-04 Toshiba Adds New WVM49RX TX System RISC Platform For Residential Home Gateway Applications
03-29-04 Toshiba Expands Comb Filter Front-End Processor Lineup With Its First Dedicated 3-Line Comb Filter Front-End Processor
03-01-04 Toshiba Announces Availability of NAND Flash Performance White Paper
02-27-04 Toshiba Enhances Network FCRAM™ Product Line With Industrial Temperature Memory ICs
02-23-04 Toshiba's New MPEG-4 Encoder and Decoder LSI Integrates High Performance 3D Graphics Engine
02-19-04 Toshiba Completes Construction of Building for 300mm Wafer Fab at Oita Operations in Kyushu
02-18-04 Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Announces World's Lowest Power 14.1-Inch Displays For Mobile PCs
02-06-04 Agere Systems First Company To Offer Multiple Sources Of Low-Latency, DRAM Memory Chips For Network Processor Customers
02-02-04 Toshiba Announces Production Plan for 300mm Wafer Fab at Oita Operations
01-27-04 Toshiba Extends CMOS Image Sensor Camera Module Lineup With New VGA Camera, One Of World's Smallest
01-26-04 Toshiba To Accept SOC Handoff From Magma RTL Synthesis
01-26-04 Toshiba's NAND Flash Memory Boosts Storage, Data Recovery Capabilities Of Company's New Line Of PDAs
01-21-04 Toshiba Develops Multi-Chip Package (MCP) Which Realizes Stacking Of 9 Layers With 1.4MM Thickness
01-14-04 Takeaki Fukuyama Named President And Chief Executive Officer For Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc
01-12-04 Toshiba's 2-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory Named To EDN's Hot 100 Products Of 2003
01-08-04 Toshiba's NAND Flash-Based SD Memory Cards Used In World’s First Available Series Of Wearable Video Camcorders
01-08-04 Toshiba Announces New Family Of High Speed SD Memory Cards
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