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2005 Press Releases

Product and Corporate Announcements

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Date Title
12-12-05 Toshiba and M-Systems Introduce New Generation of DiskOnChip® Embedded Flash Drives for Mobile Handsets and Consumer Electronics
12-06-05 Toshiba To Appeal To Higher Court In U.S. Trade Secret Lawsuit On NAND Flash Technologies
12-02-05 Toshiba And Xilinx Agree To Pursue Joint Development Of 65nm FPGAs With A View To Extended Foundry Relationship
12-02-05 Toshiba Responds To Trial Court Ruling On Post-Trial Motions In U.S. Trade Secret Lawsuit On NAND Flash Technologies
11-16-05 Toshiba Announces Cost-Effective Medium Power Amplifier For Wireless Applications In 1.9GHZ To 2.5GHZ Frequency Band
11-09-05 Toshiba and NEC Electronics to Collaborate on 45-nanometer System LSI Process Technologies
10-31-05 Toshiba Targets Car-Audio Market With Launch Of World's First Class-KB Audio Power Amplifier Based on BiCD Technology
10-25-05 Toshiba Licenses ARM1176JZF-S High-Performance Microprocessor
10-19-05 Toshiba Expands White LED Driver Product Line With White LED Driver IC That Powers Up To 8 LEDs In Series
10-14-05 Toshiba Responds To Entry Of Judgement In U.S. Trade Secret Lawsuit On NAND Flash Technologies
09-27-05 Toshiba Expands Dynastron™ CMOS Image Sensor Line-Up With 3.2-Megapixel Chip
09-20-05 Toshiba Announces New High Efficiency, Space Saving Multi-Chip Module For DC-DC Converters
09-16-05 Toshiba Integrates Prototypes Of World’s Smallest Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Unit Into Mobile Audio Players
09-12-05 Toshiba Announces Gallium Nitride Power FET With World’s Highest Power Output
09-07-05 Toshiba Will Donate More Than $1 Million In Cash And Medical Equipment For Hurricane Katrina Relief
09-07-05 Toshiba Corporation To Present At Portable Power 2005
09-07-05 Toshiba Announces Lead(Pb)-Free Transition Plan For Memory Products, Targeting Complete Conversion By End Of 2005
09-06-05 Toshiba Teams Up With Sigma On Linux Platform For Digital Multimedia Appliances
08-16-05 Toshiba America Electronic Components Announces Website With Information On RoHS-Compatible And Lead(Pb)-Free Products
07-12-05 Toshiba Responds To July 8th Statement Of Decision In U.S. Trade Secret Lawsuit For NAND Flash Technologies
06-27-05 Toshiba Announces Availability Of Reference Board For The TX4939XBG-400 Embedded PCI-Based Microprocessor, Its Newest 64-Bit RISC Processor
06-14-05 Toshiba Adds New High-Gain, High-Linearity GaAs FETs For WiMAX And U-NII Fixed Wireless Access Infrastructure Equipment
06-14-05 Toshiba Expands Ku-Band GaAs FET Line For VSAT Satellite Communications With High Power Output 9W And 30W Devices
06-06-05 Toshiba Introduces L-Flat Rectifier Diode Packaging Designed To Save Space In Electronic Equipment
05-31-05 Toshiba Selects Himeji As Candidate Site To Mass-Produce SED Panels
05-24-05 Toshiba To Showcase Advanced Display Technologies At SID 2005 Including OCB For LCD TVs, OLEDs, And RoHS-Compliant Industrial LCDs
05-23-05 Toshiba Appoints New Senior Vice President Of System LSI Group
05-19-05 Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology to Present at SID 2005
05-17-05 Toshiba Supports Sequence PowerTheater for Power Management from RTL to Signoff
05-09-05 Semiconductor Insights Recognizes Toshiba with 2005 INSIGHT Award for Most Innovative Non-Volatile Memory
04-21-05 Toshiba Launches Charge Pump White LED Driver With Constant Current Regulator Targeted At Portable LCD Backlighting And Keypad Illumination Applications
03-30-05 Toshiba’s 512-Megabit XDR DRAM With 6.4GHZ Data Transfer Speed
03-29-05 Toshiba Commercializes High Luminous Flux White Light LEDS For Alternative Lighting Solution
03-22-05 Toshiba Announces High Voltage DTMOS Power MOSFET Using A Super Junction Structure To Reduce Power Consumption
03-07-05 Toshiba TB31262F RFIC Selected By NEBO Wireless To Enable The NEBO Wireless Link, An Innovative Wireless Solution For Dialup Internet Applications
03-07-05 Toshiba Launches New Family Of Analog Video Front-End Processors
03-07-05 Toshiba Announces Development Of NANO FLASH™ Technology, Launches First NANO Flash-Based Embedded Product, A 32-Bit MIPS RISC Microcontroller
03-07-05 Toshiba Takes Aim At Car-Audio Market With New Highly Integrated, High-Performance Single Chip CD-MP3 Processor
03-07-05 Toshiba Launches New 64-Bit RISC Microprocessor, Its First Embedded PCI-Based Processor With 90-Nanometer Process Technology
03-07-05 Toshiba Launches Family Of SATA PHY Cores That Meet High Speed Requirements Of Storage, Networking And Consumer Markets
03-07-05 Toshiba Expands CMOS Image Sensor Product Lineup With 2-Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor Chip
03-01-05 Toshiba Launches White LED Driver IC Targeted At Cell Phone Backlighting Applications
02-28-05 Toshiba's Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Officially Certified As World's Smallest By Guiness World Record
02-21-05 Toshiba And SanDisk Celebrate Construction Of 300mm Wafer Fab Building For NAND Flash Memory At Yokkaichi Operations
02-15-05 Toshiba Announces Group Procurement Policy Promoting Corporate Social Responsiblity
02-10-05 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. To Present At IDEMA 2005 Symposium
02-08-05 Toshiba And SanDisk Develop 8-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory Chip With 70 nm Process Technology
02-07-05 IBM, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. And Toshiba Disclose Key Details Of The Cell Chip
02-06-05 Spansion, ARM, NanoAmp, SMedia, Spreadtrum and Toshiba Form Organization to Streamline Memory Validation and Test
01-11-05 Toshiba And TVBLOB Join Forces To Provide A Short Time-To-Market Solution For A Wide Range Of TX RISC-Based Multimedia Appliances
01-06-05 Toshiba Announces Line-Up Of Toshiba-Branded USB 2.0 Flash Drives Plus Customizable USB 2.0 Flash Drive Subassemblies For OEMs
01-06-05 Toshiba Announces 2 And 4 Gigabyte CompactFlash Cards For Digital Cameras And Other Consumer Electronics Devices
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