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2006 Press Releases

Product and Corporate Announcements

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Date Title
11-20-06 Toshiba Introduces Highest Capacity Class 4 SDHC Memory Card To World Market
11-16-06 Toshiba Announces Gallium Nitiride Power Fet With World's Highest Output Power In X-Band
11-14-06 Toshiba Rolls Out Second-Generation, Single-Chip Solution For Mid-Range And Low-End Digital TV Applications As Well As Add-On Modules For Digital CRT And LCD TV Applications
10-17-06 Toshiba Announces High Voltage Three-Phase Motor Drivers With Built-In Power Management Circuits For Energy-Saving In Appliance And Machinery Applications
10-09-06 Toshiba Expands Embedded Flash Microcontroller Product Line; Introducing Toshiba's First 32-Bit SuperFlash®-Based Microcontroller For Audio Control With On-Board USB Host Controller
10-04-06 Toshiba Helps Global Locate Meet 6-Month Time-To-Market Window And Reduce Cost With Marlin™ A-GPS Custom SOC For Advanced 3G Handsets And Smartphones
10-04-06 Toshiba Expands Embedded Flash Microcontroller Product Line With New 16-Bit And 32-Bit Devices; Introducing Toshiba's First 16-Bit Superflash®-Based Microcontroller With On-board LCD Controller
10-04-06 Toshiba Introduces New Low-Cost Development Tool For Its TLCS-870/C Series 8-Bit Microcontrollers
09-27-06 Toshiba Expands Dynastron® CMOS Image Sensor Line-Up With 3.2 Megapixel And 2.0 Megapixel Chips; 2.0 Megapixel SoC Incorporates ISP For Advanced Camera Operations And Special Picture Effects
09-15-06 Toshiba And Micron Agree To Settle All Pending Lexar Litigation
09-06-06 Toshiba Develops New 8-Bit Core With High-Speed Processing And Large-Capacity Address Space For Next-Generation Microcontrollers
08-29-06 Toshiba To Launch New U3 Smart USB Flash Drive Series
08-24-06 Toshiba To Launch Ultra High-Speed SD Card Series In Global Market
08-22-06 Toshiba Unveils EEMBC Benchmark Scores For TX4939 Microprocessor
08-08-06 Toshiba Adds 100V Power MOSFET For Primary Switching Of Insulated On-Board DC-DC Converters
08-04-06 Toshiba and SanDisk Mark Construction Start of 300mm Wafer Fab for NAND Flash Memory at Yokkaichi Operations
08-02-06 Toshiba Develops LBA-NAND™ Flash Memory With Logical Block Addressing For Embedded Applications
07-26-06 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Names Sean Collins As Vice President Of The Display Devices And Components Business Unit
07-18-06 Toshiba Appoints Three New Vice Presidents In The System LSI Group
07-10-06 Toshiba Introduces Class-D Audio Power Amplifier, First Member Of New Family Designed For Audio Consumer Electronics Applications
06-28-06 Toshiba Expands SD Card Family With Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Cards
06-28-06 Toshiba Announces New microSD Memory Card Family
06-15-06 Toshiba Showcase 6GHz, 174W Gallium Nitride Power FET At MTT-S; Unveils Roadmap For GaN Microwave Devices
06-14-06 Toshiba Expands Frequency Ranges Of 9W And 30W Extended Ku-Band GaAs FET Lines For VSAT Satellite Communications
06-14-06 Toshiba's New Gigabyte Multichip Package (GB MCP) Integrates Gigabyte Class NAND Flash Memory With SD Controller
06-13-06 Toshiba 70nm 8Gb MLC NAND Flash Recognized As Most Innovative Non-Volatile Memory
06-13-06 Toshiba Expands High Power C-Band GaAs FET Product Line to Provide New SSPA Market Opportunities For Satellite Communications
06-06-06 Toshiba America Electronic Components Announces Expanded Line-Up RoHS-Compatible Industrial LCD Displays, Including An Ultra High Luminance 12.1-Inch SVGA LCD For Outdoor Use
06-06-06 Toshiba And Matsushita Display Technology And Toshiba Corporation To Present At SID 2006
06-06-06 Toshiba To Showcase Advanced Displays At SID 2006 Including 3-D, OCB, OLED, And The Latest In LTPS LCD Technology
05-24-06 Toshiba To Launch 2GB miniSD Memory Card For Cell Phones
05-22-06 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Names Tokuhiro Matsuda As Vice President, Business Development Of Discrete Business Unit
04-05-06 Toshiba And SanDisk To Expand NAND Flash Memory Production With Construction Of New Advanced Fabrication Facility At Yokkaichi Operations
04-04-06 Toshiba Spells Out Reference Platform Strategy For Digital TV Applications, Announces Product Family For Low-End And Mid-Range TVs
04-04-06 Toshiba To Showcase Enabling Technologies At The Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley With New Products, Demos And Displays Spanning Many Vertical Markets
04-03-06 Toshiba Expands Family Of Analog Video Front-End Processors With Highly Integrated Programmable Audio/Video Component Switch
04-03-06 Toshiba Announces Availability Of 32-Bit RISC Microncontroller With 2 Megabytes Of Embedded NANO Flash(TM) Memory
04-03-06 Toshiba Broadens Embedded Flash Microcontroller Product Line With New 16-Bit And 8-Bit Microcontrollers
04-03-06 Toshiba Announces Availability Of 32-Bit CISC Microcontroller With Industry's Highest Performance And Lowest Power Consumption
04-03-06 Toshiba Names Shardul Kazi To Head Up Newly Merged ASSP Business Unit, Promotes Andrew Burt To Vice President Of New Imaging And Communications Marketing Group
04-03-06 Toshiba Announces Availability Of Highly Integrated RISC And Graphics Controller For Automotive And Other Real-Time Display Applications
03-07-06 Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Announces Development Of A Dynamic Display Power Optimization Driving Scheme
02-13-06 Toshiba Releases Newly Developed VGA LCD Controller Based On MDDI Technology For 3G Mobile Handsets
02-09-06 Toshiba's Boost In FY2005 Semiconductor Capex Will Expand Capacity For NAND Flash Memory
02-07-06 Toshiba Develops World's Fastest, Highest Density FeRAM
02-07-06 Toshiba and NEC Develop World's Fastest, Highest Density MRAM
01-23-06 Toshiba Adds Multi-Protocol High-Speed SERDES I/O Core Family That Meets High Speed Requirements of Storage, Networking, Consumer and Gaming Markets
01-18-06 Hitachi, Toshiba and Renesas Agree to Establish Semiconductor Foundry Planning Company
01-16-06 Toshiba Expands Media Player LSI Product Line With Two New Single-Chip CD-MP3 Processors For Car-Audio Market
01-05-06 Toshiba Announces 16-Gigabit Multi-Level Cell Nand Flash Components Using 70-Nanometer Process Technology
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