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Please note that this cross reference is based on TOSHIBA's estimate of compatibility with other manufacturers' products, based on other manufacturers' published data, at the time the data was collected.
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2008 Press Releases

Product and Corporate Announcements

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Date Title
Q4 2008
12-18-08 Toshiba Launches Industry's First 512GB Solid State Drive And Next Generation SSD Family Using 43nm MLC NAND
11-26-08 Toshiba To Launch 16GB microSDHC
11-12-08 Toshiba Announces 800V Zero-Cross Triac Photocouplers For Home Appliances, Office Equipment And Solid State Relays
11-10-08 Toshiba Expands MOSFET Lineup With DC-DC Converters Using Sixth Generation High Speed Process For Higher Power Efficiency
10-28-08 Toshiba Expands High-Efficiency UMOS V-H MOSBD Lineup For DC-DC Converter "FETKEY" Applications
10-28-08 Toshiba To Launch 43nm SLC NAND Flash Memory
10-21-08 New High-Performance LED Drivers From Toshiba Produces Superior Illumination On Consumer Electronics Displays
10-21-08 Newest I/O Expander Devices From Toshiba Increase Functionality And Reliability In Mobile Handset Designs
10-07-08 Toshiba Launches Its First ARM® Cortex-M3™
Q3 2008
09-25-08 Toshiba Launches 256GB Solid State Drives With MLC
09-10-08 Toshiba Monolithic DC-DC Step-Down Converters With 1 Amp Output Current Offer Low Enable Threshold Voltage And 95% Efficiency
09-03-08 Toshiba DTMOS II Family Of 600V Power MOSFETs Use Superjunction Structure To Increase Power Efficiency
08-26-08 Toshiba Adds Five DC-DC Converter MOSFETs For High Power Efficiency Computing, Communications And Consumer Electronics Applications
08-07-08 Toshiba Launches Largest Density Embedded NAND Flash Memory Devices
08-05-08 Toshiba Announces New Photo-IC Ambient Light Sensor For Consumer Electronics And Computer Displays
07-08-08 Toshiba Introduces High Power, High Flux 90 Lumen White LED
Q2 2008
06-16-08 Toshiba Expands GaAS FETs Lineup With Four Power Added Amplifiers Optimized For Power Efficiency
06-16-08 Toshiba Expands GaN HEMT Product Family With Power Amplifiers For Ku-Band Satcom And X-Band Radar Applications
06-16-08 Toshiba Unveils Microwave Transistor Roadmap At IEEE MTT-S
06-03-08 Toshiba Announces Space-Saving 6-Pin Photocoupler Optimally Suited For Direct Gate Driving Of IGBTs And Power MOSFETs
05-20-08 Toshiba America Electronic Components To Showcase Advanced LCD And OLED Products And Technologies At SID 2008
05-19-08 Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology And Toshiba Corporation To Present Technical Papers At SID 2008
05-08-08 New Industrial LCD Panels With Long-Life LED Backlighting Systems From Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
04-29-08 Toshiba Announces New General Purpose Transistor Photocouplers
04-08-08 Toshiba Starts Sample Shipping Of SpursEngine™ SE1000 High-Performance Stream Processor
04-01-08 Toshiba Offers A Wide Range Of Embedded And Removable Memory To Address Growing Use Of NAND Flash In Mobile Handsets
04-01-08 Toshiba Brings Expanded I/O Capabilities To Mobile Handsets
04-01-08 Toshiba MDDI LCD Controller Brings High-Resolution Video To Portable Consumer Electronics Devices
04-01-08 Toshiba Brings New Image Sensors And Camera Modules To Mobile Handset Market
Q1 2008
03-24-08 Toshiba Adds VHF-To-UHF Dual-Mode Low Noise Amplifier For Portable Systems With Built-In TV Tuners
03-18-08 Toshiba Begins Mass Production Of MLC NAND Solid State Drives
02-27-08 Toshiba Announces Low Voltage, Low Resistance Power MOSFETs For Notebook PC Battery Protection Circuit Module Applications
02-26-08 Toshiba Announces Series Of High Voltage Single Chip Inverters For Brushless Motor Applications In Energy Saving Appliances
02-26-08 Two New Monolithic DC-DC Converters From Toshiba Improve Power Efficiency In Step-Down Converter Applications
02-26-08 Toshiba Launches New 32-Bit Microcontroller With ARM926EJ-S Processor
02-25-08 Toshiba Announces First MOSFETs In Higher Efficiency, Sixth-Generation High Speed Process For DC-DC Converters
02-20-08 Toshiba Announces Low On-Resistance Power MOSFETs For Lithium Ion Batteries In Smaller, Second-Generation Smart Thin Package
02-19-08 Toshiba 35A Synchronous Step-Down Converter Multi-Chip Module For DC-DC Converters
02-07-08 Toshiba Develops 16-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory With 43-Nanometer CMOS Process Technology
01-28-08 EDN Magazine Places Toshiba America On Its Prestigious "Hot Products" List
01-23-08 Toshiba Adds Fast, Low Resistance MOSBD™ Single Die Mosfet And Schottky Barrier Diode Devices For DC-DC Converters
01-14-08 Toshiba Adds High Efficiency, 35A DrMOS-Compatible Multi-Chip Module For DC-DC Converters In Servers
01-07-08 Toshiba's New LCD TV SOC Delivers Single-Chip Solution With Full 1080p High Definition TV Support To North American HDTV Market
01-07-08 Toshiba Launches Turnkey Digital TV Platform Addressing The Requirments Of The Global Marketplace
01-07-08 Toshiba Announces Newest Member Of Its Audio Power Amplifier IC Family For Automotive Audio Applications
01-07-08 Toshiba Automotive Graphics Controller To Support QNX Neutrino RTOS
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