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2012 Press Releases

Product and Corporate Announcements

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Date Title
Q4 2012
12-28-12 Toshiba to Showcase SDHC Memory Card with TransferJet? Wireless Transfer Technology at CES
12-14-12 Toshiba to Start Sales of White LED Packages
12-11-12 Toshiba Launches High-Current Output Chipset for Free Positioning Wireless Charging
12-04-12 Toshiba Targets Automotive, Security/Surveillance Markets With New CMOS Image Sensor
11-28-12 Toshiba Expands Business Critical Enterprise Hard Drive Offerings with Large Capacity MG Series
11-28-12 Toshiba Announces 13 Mega Pixel, 1.12 Micrometer, CMOS Image Sensor With Color Noise Reduction That Improves Image Quality
11-27-12 Toshiba Debuts New Line of SDIP6 Photocouplers
11-15-12 Toshiba Introduces New Line of Photocouplers
11-14-12 Toshiba's NAND Flash Deprivation Experiments - The Results Are In
11-08-12 Toshiba Launches Li-ion Battery Monitor Chipset for Automotive Applications
10-23-12 Toshiba Announces Series of Small, High-Speed, Bidirectional Level Shifters for Mobile Devices
10-10-12 Toshiba's NAND Flash Deprivation Experiment Looks at the Changing Face of Photography
10-01-12 Toshiba Expands Its TransferJet? Offering With New Products That Simplify Implementation of the Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Technology
Q3 2012
09-25-12 Toshiba Announces Hybrid Drive Combining NAND Flash and Hard Drive Expertise
09-25-12 Toshiba Debuts New Series of CMOS-LDO Regulators for Mobile Devices
09-05-12 Toshiba Launches New Lineup of MOSFETs and Diodes for Wireless Power Transfer Applications
09-05-12 Toshiba Expands High-Performance Memory Card Family with First microSDHC? UHS-I EXCERIA Products
08-29-12 Toshiba Expands CMOS Image Sensor Offering With Low-Power, High-Performance Devices Driving Advanced Camera Features In Phones, Tablets And Notebooks
08-21-12 Toshiba Introduces New High Frequency Power Detection IC for Mobile Phones
08-20-12 Toshiba Expands Enterprise Solid State Drive Family with Three Drives Targeting Broad Range of Applications
08-08-12 Toshiba's NAND Flash Deprivation Experiment Enters the Front Office
08-08-12 Toshiba Expands Product Portfolio with 3.5-Inch Client Hard Disk Drives for Broad Range of PC and CE Applications
07-11-12 Toshiba Announces Next-Generation 10,000 RPM-Class Enterprise Storage Hard Disk Drive Series
07-10-12 25 Years of Adoption - What's Next for NAND Flash Technology?
07-03-12 Toshiba Responds to Jury Verdict in a U.S. Class Action for LCD Price Fixing
Q2 2012
06-21-12 Exploring the Impact of Toshiba's NAND Flash: Unleashing the Mobility of Content
06-20-12 Toshiba Introduces Ka-Band High Power GaN MMIC
06-20-12 Toshiba Introduces New High Gain, High Power X-Band GaN Hybrid IC
06-20-12 Toshiba Enhances High Gain C-Band GaAs FET Product Line with New Power Amplifiers
06-04-12 Toshiba Announces High-Performance, Power-Efficient Solid State Drives Targeted at Broad Range of Notebook, Desktop, Embedded and Commerical Markets
06-04-12 Toshiba Joins HP Proactive Insight Architecture Alliance
05-29-12 The First ARM Cortex?-M0 Microcontroller Optimized For Smart Meters
05-08-12 Toshiba Announces Next-Generation Superjunction Technology for Power MOSFETs
05-08-12 Toshiba Expands Family of Ultra-Efficient, High-Speed, Low-Voltage MOSFETs with new 60V and 120V Devices
05-07-12 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Speaks On "Maximizing Solar Inverter Performance"
05-01-12 Toshiba Asks: What Would You Do Without NAND Flash Technology?
04-03-12 Toshiba Marks 25th Anniversary of Invention of NAND Flash Technology
Q1 2012
03-14-12 Toshiba Launches SDHC Memory Cards with World's Fastest Transfer Rates
02-14-12 Toshiba Enterprise-Class Solid State Drives Recognized By Energy Conservation Center, Japan
02-06-12 Toshiba Announces Family of Ultra-Efficient, High-Speed, Low Voltage MOSFETs for Synchronous Rectification in Switch Mode Power Supplies
01-23-12 Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit Named To UBM Channel's CRN Data Center 100
01-09-12 Toshiba Introduces Super Speed USB 3.0-Compliant USB Flash Memory
01-05-12 Toshiba NAND Solutions Address Growing Demand for Error Correction
01-04-12 Toshiba Announces Addition Of Silicon Nitride Bearing Ball Blanks And Engine Components To Its Diverse Product Portfolio
01-03-12 Toshiba Announces Availability Of New TransferJet? Wireless LSI
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