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2013 Press Releases

Product and Corporate Announcements

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Date Title
Q4 2013
12-09-13 Toshiba Announces SATA Enterprise Read Intensive SSD For Server, Storage And Data Center Applications
12-02-13 Read-Intensive Applications Have Met Their Match In New Toshiba Enterprise SSD
12-02-13 New Toshiba Small-Size DC Motor Driver ICs Reduce Power Consumption In Automotive Applications
11-20-13 Toshiba's SLC NAND Packs in Error Correction to Remove Burden from Host Processors
11-19-13 Toshiba Ships Ultra-Small CMOS Image Sensor For Automotive Camera Applications
11-13-13 Toshiba Expands Line-Up of FlashAir?, the SDHC Memory Card with Embedded Wireless LAN Communications
11-12-13 Toshiba Ships Samples of Industry's Lowest ON Resistance Load Switch ICs
11-05-13 Toshiba Ushers in UFS, Compares and Contrasts to e-MMC
10-30-13 Toshiba Launches New Embedded NAND Flash Memory Modules Featuring 19nm Second Generation Process Technology
10-28-13 Toshiba Expands Enterprise Solid State Drive Family With A New Model Designed For Write-Intensive Workloads
10-24-13 Toshiba Extends Family of 650V SiC Power Devices
10-22-13 Toshiba Announces Slim HDD For Thin Laptops
10-17-13 New Toshiba IC Support Two Bluetooth Communications Methods
10-09-13 Toshiba 12Gb/s Enterprise Solid State Drive Certified For Windows Server 2012
Q3 2013
09-25-13 New Toshiba Converter Chipset Drives Next-Generation, DSI-Ready LCD Displays For Consumer Electronics And Industrial Applications
09-10-13 New Two-Lane SPDT Switches from Toshiba Support 3rd Generation PCI Express
09-03-13 New Toshiba Converter Chipset For The First Time Enables HDMI To Be Read Directly By An Application Processor While boosting Video And System Performance
08-26-13 Newest Toshiba 2-Channel Brushed DC Motor Driver IC Supports High Voltages And Currents Required By Industrial And Office Automation Equipment Under Continuous Operation
08-23-13 Toshiba Starts Second Phase Construction of No. 5 Semiconductor Fabrication Facility at Yokkaichi
08-14-13 Toshiba Honored With Best Of Show Award At Flash Memory Summit
08-13-13 Toshiba Becomes A Founding Member Of New Storage Association
07-31-13 New Toshiba Three-Phase Brushless Motor Driver IC Packs High Efficiency In Small Package
07-25-13 Toshiba Debuts N-ch MOSFET for Lithium-ion Battery Protection Circuits
07-16-13 Toshiba Launches ESD Protection Diode with World's Lowest Capacitance for High Speed Data Lines
07-16-13 Toshiba Unveils New SD Memory Cards Offering World-Fastest Write Speed
07-08-13 Toshiba Moves U.S. Headquarters For Semiconductors And Storage Products To Larger Facility In Irvine, California
Q2 2013
06-27-13 New Toshiba Microcontroller Offers Largest On-Chip SRAM In Its Class
06-26-13 Toshiba Announces Largest Capacity Automotive-Grade Hard Drive In The World
06-25-13 SuperMicro? Qualifies Toshiba High Performance, Energy Efficient Drives for Enterprise Server and Storage Solutions
06-19-13 Toshiba Announces Slimmer 7mm Solid State Hybrid Drive
06-18-13 New 20kbps to 100kbps Communication Photocouplers from Toshiba Lower Costs, Power Consumption
06-04-13 Toshiba Adds High Gain 200W GaN HEMT Power Amplifier for C-Band RADAR Applications
06-04-13 Toshiba Expands High Power C-Band GaN HEMT Product Line to Support the SATCOM Market
05-28-13 Toshiba Expands TX03 Microcontroller Family With New Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective, Small-Footprint Device
05-23-13 Toshiba Introduces Low RDS(ON) P-ch MOSFETs for Mobile Devices
05-20-13 Toshiba to Start Mass Production of Next Generation NAND Flash Memory
04-24-13 New Series of Load Switch ICs from Toshiba Now Available
04-11-13 Toshiba Starts Volume Production of SiC Power Devices
04-10-13 Toshiba Launches Ultra Small, 1.12 Micrometer, Full HD CMOS Image Sensor
04-08-13 New Toshiba Stepping Motor Control Drivers Combine High Voltage, High Current, And High Efficiency For A Variety Of Applications
04-02-13 Toshiba Announces Thinnest Camera Module With High Resolution, 13 Mega Pixel, Image Sensor For Top-Quality Pictures
Q1 2013
03-19-13 Toshiba Debuts 600V Super Junction MOSFET DTMOS IV High Speed Diode Series at APEC 2013
03-18-13 New Toshiba Full HD CMOS Image Sensor Delivers High-Resolution Imagery To Security/Surveillance And Automotive Markets
03-12-13 Toshiba Adds Triac Output Photocouplers to Product Lineup
03-11-13 Toshiba Adds New Platform SoC To Its Custom SoC/ASIC Product Line
03-04-13 Toshiba Drives Its Newest Visconti?3 Image Recognition Processor To Automotive Market
02-25-13 Toshiba Launches microSDHC Memory Cards for HD Content Viewing
02-12-13 Toshiba Launches New IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drive Coupler
02-07-13 Toshiba Ships Samples of Industry's First Universal Flash Storage Devices
02-06-13 Toshiba Launches 2.0A USB Ready Li-Ion Battery Charger IC That Fast Charges Portable Devices
01-22-13 Toshiba Ships 26 Million Automotive-Grade Hard Drives
01-08-13 Toshiba Launches Industry's First microUSB Adaptor Module Compliant with the TransferJet? Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Standard
01-07-13 Toshiba MQ01ABDH Hybrid Drive Honored with Visionary Award at 2013 Storage Visions
01-06-13 Toshiba Announces Cryptogrpahic-Erase and Self-Encryption Features for New Enterprise SSD and Mobile HDD
01-03-13 New Toshiba Audio Codec Integrates Single Microphone Noise/Echo Cancellation Technologies Preserving Pure Voice Quality on Mobile Devices
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