Product Overview

Products that Lead Innovation

TAEC offers a broad range of enabling technology solutions that allow OEMs, ODMs, CMs and fabless chip companies to develop advanced integrated products including the latest smartphones, tablets, ebooks, digital cameras, head mounted devices, medical devices, automotive, industrial, networking, and enterprise products, as well as PC and notebook storage.


Toshiba pioneered the development of Cobalt (Co)-based amorphous (non-crystalline) magnetic alloys for electronic applications. Toshiba offers amorphous magnetic cores for noise suppression, mag-amps, snubbers and pulse transformers. Key applications for these amorphous cores include switching power supplies, noise sensitive equipment, medical instruments and telecommunications. More

Automotive Devices

Toshiba automotive products include image processors, audio MCUs, audio ICs, Bluetooth® ICs, Wi-Fi® ICs, RFICs, LED drivers, graphic MCUs, motor drivers, battery monitor ICs, Ethernet® AVB connectivity chips, and display and camera bridge ICs. These Toshiba system-level solutions reduce cost, design cycles and enhance reliability. More


Toshiba diode product line-up includes general-purpose, fast and ultra-fast recovery, Schottky, PIN diodes for RF switch, varactors for voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO), diodes for ESD protection, and SiC Schottky barrier diodes.  More

HDD Products

Toshiba is a leading total storage provider who combines execution agility with the resources of a global technology corporation. Toshiba offers one of the industry's most comprehensive range of HDD storage technologies for the mobile, consumer, industrial and enterprise/data center markets. More

Linear ICs

Toshiba offers a wide range of general-purpose linear ICs including motor drivers (brush, brushless and stepping) that offer best-in-class in terms of efficiency, reliability, and cost competitiveness. Toshiba also offers LED drivers, power supply ICs, intelligent power devices, operational amplifier ICs and comparator ICs and transistor arrays. More

General Purpose Logic ICs

As a leader in logic technology, Toshiba offers one of the industry's broadest selections of low voltage, small package logic ICs to meet today's design demands for computing, consumer and telecommunications applications. Products include small-signal MOSFETS, analog ICs (load switch, analog ICs) transistors, diodes, CMOS logic and Op Amps and comparators. More


Toshiba offers various advanced materials and components produced by the Toshiba Materials Company, LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation. These products are widely used in security, industrial, medical and automotive markets and include high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride (AIN) and silicon nitride (SIN) Ceramic Substrates for high power modules, Amorphous (non-crystalline) Magnetic Cores in slide on and surface mount formats, for circuit noise suppression and voltage regulation MAG-AMPS,  Radiographic Intensifying Screens and scintillating Crystal Arrays for security and medical X-ray, Rare-earth materials for cryogenic refrigeration applications, Silicon Nitride Structural ceramic components for ball and roller bearings and high-performance Specialty Alloys of Tungsten and Molybdenum in wire and rod form. More


The company offers the TX00, TX03, TX04 and TX09 32-bit ARM®-processor-based MCUs and 8-, 16- and 32-bit CISC and 32-bit RISC microcontrollers using Toshiba's original design CPU cores. Toshiba microcontrollers contain a wide selection of memory options, LCD controllers, power ranges, clock speeds and other popular on-chip peripherals, to cover a wide array of applications such as display, consumer, industrial control, automotive, home appliances, home automation applications, programmable motor control and smart grid. More

Microwave Semiconductor

Toshiba is a leading supplier of high-performance gallium nitride (GaN) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) microwave devices that operate in S, C, X, Ku and Ka frequency bands. The company's high power products are used in wireless applications such as SATCOM (SSPA/BUC/VSAT), microwave link (PTP, PTMP), RADAR, medical equipment, and industrial applications. More

Optical Semiconductor Devices

As a leading Optoelectronics supplier, Toshiba offers photocouplers and optical fiber couplers (TOSLINK™) with a wide range of packaging options, CTR rankings, speeds and temperature ranges. Applications include backlighting, electrical coupling with isolation and general lighting. More

Radio-Frequency Devices

Toshiba radio-frequency devices include MOSFETs, bipolar transistors, diodes, RF cell packs, advanced RF SOI switch, and RF amplifier ICs. A range of surface-mounted parts is offered to support miniaturized, higher-performance electronic devices. More


Toshiba is a leader in CCD (charge-coupled device) image sensors. The CCD linear image sensors provide speed and high-quality images for printers, scanners and bar-code readers.  More

Bipolar Transistors / IGBTs

Toshiba power semiconductor products include MOSFETS, intelligent power devices, voltage regulators, diodes, bipolar transistors, discrete IGBTs, and IEGTs. Featuring high reliability and power efficiency, Toshiba's power products are available in a variety of package options for computing, consumer and industrial applications. More

ICs for Wireless Communication Equipment

Toshiba offers wireless charger ICs, camera and bridge chip ICs, Bluetooth®  Low Energy (LE) ICs, Near Field Communications (NFC), and TransferJet™  delivering the right technology to meet a broad range of wireless communications and interface design needs. TransferJet is a specialized, close-proximity wireless data technology that helps transfer large files between electronic devices by simply touching two TransferJet-enabled devices together for both Android and iOS systems. Toshiba is a founding member of the Bluetooth SIG, participates in the TransferJet Consortium and in other standards bodies such as MIPI®. Toshiba products are designed to comply with applicable global standards and enable new features in mobile handsets, portable consumer electronics, automotive applications and more. More

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