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The information presented in this cross reference is based on TOSHIBA's selection criteria and should be treated as a suggestion only. Please carefully review the latest versions of all relevant information on the TOSHIBA products, including without limitation data sheets and validate all operating parameters of the TOSHIBA products to ensure that the suggested TOSHIBA products are truly compatible with your design and application.
Please note that this cross reference is based on TOSHIBA's estimate of compatibility with other manufacturers' products, based on other manufacturers' published data, at the time the data was collected.
TOSHIBA is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information. Information is subject to change at any time without notice.

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This page is listing links of the press release and topics published by Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation.
Information in the news and topics, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the news announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice. The news before March 31, 2017 is the news published by Toshiba Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company.

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Lineup expansion of the new generation super junction N-ch power MOSFET “DTMOSVI series” contributing to higher efficiency of power supplies: TK110N65Z, TK110Z65Z, TK110A65Z, TK125V65Z, TK155A65Z, TK170V65Z, TK190A65Z, TK210V65Z
Single-supply 4-bit level shifters for automotive use that allows easier design of voltage level translation circuits : 74LV4T125FK, 74LV4T125FT, 74LV4T126FK, 74LV4T126FT
A general-purpose package is newly available in the lineup of Toshiba’s small, surface mount LDO regulator which enables long operation and operational stability of IoT equipment : TCR3UF series
Lineup expansion of general purpose logic ICs that can be used for a wide range of applications by raising the operating temperature
A lineup expansion of small MOSFETs for automotive equipment offering low power consumption with low On-resistance: SSM6J808R, SSM6K819R
Low capacitance TVS diodes for automotive applications offering fine protection performance while keeping signal quality at several Gbps : DF2S5M4FS, DF2S6M4FS
A lineup expansion of TVS diodes for mobile devices by a product with an increased peak pulse current rating for improved surge protection performance: DF2B7BSL
Launch of photocouplers for IGBTs and MOSFETs gate drive that are thin, support high temperature operations, and can be mounted on the back side of a board or where height is limited: TLP5751H(LF4), TLP5752H(LF4), TLP5754H(LF4)
Toshiba expands lineup of SBD, which uses a compact package with high heat dissipation ability that allows easier thermal design, by 30 V/ 40 V products: CUHS20F40, CUHS20F30, CUHS15F40, CUHS15F30, CUHS20S40, CUHS20S30, CUHS15S40, CUHS15S30
-40 V P-channel power MOSFETs for automotive use, with -4.5 V drive voltage enabling operation even during a battery voltage drop: XPH3R114MC, XPH4R714MC, XPN9R614MC
Lineup expansion of the new generation super junction N-ch power MOSFET “DTMOSVI series” contributing to higher efficiency of power supplies: TK040Z65Z, TK065N65Z, TK065Z65Z, TK090N65Z, TK090Z65Z, TK090A65Z
A compact load switch IC with increased strength package using mold resin: TCK207AN
Expanded the lineup of general rectifier diodes that can reduce power consumption of equipment: CRG04A
4-bit level shifter that helps to reduce the power consumption of automotive equipment: TC7MP3125FK
Lineup expansion of 600 V planar MOSFET π-MOSIX series products that allow greater design flexibility by reducing EMI noise: TK430A60F, TK370A60F
A discrete IGBT with wide SOA for PFCs of air conditioners’ power supplies: GT50J123
A TVS diode with an increased peak pulse current rating to improve surge protection performance for mobile devices: DF2B5BSL
Consumption energy saving general-purpose rectifiers with high ESD protection ability: CRG09A, CRG10A
TVS diodes with improved electrostatic discharge protection performance for high-speed signal lines: DF2B5M5SL, DF2B6M5SL, DF2S5M5SL, DF2S6M5SL
A small, low forward voltage Schottky barrier diode suitable for voltage booster circuits of LCD backlights: CLS10F40
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