Toshiba Releases MOSFET Gate Driver Switch IPD for Automotive ECUs

May 14, 2020

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation


TOKYO— Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched “TPD7107F,” a gate driver switch IPD[1] that controls the conduction and shut-off of current supplied to automotive electronic control units (ECUs), such as junction boxes and body control modules. Shipments start today.

Combined with Toshiba’s automotive low On-resistance N-channel MOSFET[2], TPD7107F can form a high-side switch suitable for load current. As an electronic switch, free from the contact wear of mechanical relays, the new IPD can help to reduce the size and power consumption of automotive ECUs, and to make them maintenance-free.

By delivering enhanced functions that support the high reliability required for automotive ECUs—a self-protection function and various built-in diagnostic functions that are output to the microcontroller—the new IPD monitors load operation and the MOSFET to which it is connected. In abnormal operation, it rapidly turns off the MOSFET[3] to reduce the load on the MOSFET.

TPD7107F is housed in a WSON10A[4] package, and it reduces peripherals such as capacitors since it has built in a voltage boosting circuit. The new IPD secures supply current as low as 3μA (max.) during stand-by.


Automotive equipment

  • ECUs (body control modules, junction boxes, etc.)
  • Power distribution modules
  • Semiconductor relays


  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Can be used in combination with a low On-resistance N-channel MOSFET[2], depending on load current
  • Built-in voltage boosting circuit, reducing passive peripheral components
  • Built-in protection features and diagnostic output functions
    (voltage abnormalities, over current, over temperature, reverse connection of power supply, protection for disconnection of GND terminal, and VDD short of load line, etc.)

Main Specifications

(Unless otherwise specified, @Ta=25℃)

Part number







Supply voltage  VDD(1)  (V)

-16 to +26

Supply voltage  VDD(2)  (V)


-36 to +36

Supply voltage  VD(3)  (V)


-40 to +40

Input voltage  VIN(1)  (V)

-16 to +26

Input voltage  VIN(2)  (V)


-36 to +36

Input voltage  VIN(3)  (V)


-40 to +40

Output source current  IGATE(+)  (mA)

Internal capacity

Output sink current  IGATE(-)  (mA)


Power dissipation  PD  (W)


Operating temperature  Topr  (℃)

-40 to +125



Operating supply voltage  VDD  (V)

@Tj= -40 to +125℃

5.75 to 26.00

[1] IPD (Intelligent Power Device)
[2] Example of compatible devices: TPHR7904PB (40V/150A), TPH1R104PB (40V/120A)
[3] Rapid off state current (typ.): 237mA
[4] WSON10A: 3.0x3.0mm (typ.)

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