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Induction Cooktops


Induction cooktops use AC current generated by the inverter to heat the cooking vessel. For efficient conversion, IGBTs need to be switched at high resolution to control the current with high precision. To reduce cost, Toshiba offers microcontrollers equipped with multiple channels of IGBT control to simultaneously manage multiple heaters. Other functional chips are available including triac couplers for cooling fans and motor controller ICs.

Induction Cooktops Block Diagram

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Induction Cooktops Block Diagram

Communication Sensor System Control Heating Motor Power Supply Power Management General-purpose
    TVS Diode for ESD Protection
  • WLAN
  • NFC
Applications Semiconductor Recommend Device Features
Cooling Fan Motor Controllers/Drivers TB6633FNG / AFNG Brushless DC motor driver; sensorless
PFC Control PFC(IC) TB6818FG Reduced PFC transformer humming
Various IC power supplies LDO TCR2EFxx Series SOT-25(SMV)/200-mA output
TCR3DFxx Series SOT-25(SMV)/300-mA output


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