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DC-DC Converters (Non-Isolated)

Circuit Example


  • A DC-DC converter converts a direct current from one voltage level to another. While non-isolated DC-DC converters are primarily used for applications requiring less than 30 W, up to 100 W can be handled by adding a single MOSFET. Many DC-DC converters are deployed in cell phones and mobile devices that are becoming smaller, lighter and more feature-rich.
Application Examples
  • POL modules
  • CPU and memory power supplies
  • On-board DC-DC converters
  • Cell phones
Recommended Parts
* ouptut_voltage / input_voltage
MOSFET Selection

The optimal pair of a high-side and a low-side MOSFET depends on the required output current.
The figure at right shows examples of efficiency curves when the input is at 19 V and the output is at 3.3 V (output-to-input voltage ratio = 0.17). Notice that, at up to 4 A, using the TPH8R903NL for both low and high sides delivers higher efficiency than using the TPH8R903NL/TPH6R003NL pair, and that at higher than 4 A, using the TPH8R903NL/TPH6R003NL pair as the high-side and low-side MOSFETs provides higher efficiency. The above table gives examples of recommended MOSFET pairs according to the output current requirement.



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