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Power Supply

1.6kW, 80Plus Platinum Class, High efficiency Server AC-DC Power supply Reference Design


Power supply applications require power MOSFETs with high efficiency, small size and high reliability. Since the release of its first power MOSFET, Toshiba’s power MOSFETs have been widely used in various markets.

In response to the market demand, Toshiba has developed the new high-voltage DTMOS series, the low-voltage U-MOS series, and MOSFETs fabricated using a new material called silicon carbide 「SiC」 contributing to the energy-saving of power supplies.

Block Diagram by Power Supply

Switching Power Supply

Linear Power Supplies




Name Outline Date of issue
  • TO-247-4L
Describes the features of the new package and an operation analysis using simulation 9/2017 coming soon
Describes the features of the DTMOSV series and the improvements from the previous series 9/2017

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  • DTMOS Applications (Noise Reduction)
Describes the mechanism of noise generation and noise reduction techniques 9/2017 coming soon

Application Note

Application note
Name outline Date of issue
Describes planar, trench and super-junction power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes the absolute maximum ratings, thermal impedance and safe operating area of power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes electrical characteristics shown in datasheets 11/2016
Describes how to select power MOSFETs, temperature characteristics, the impacts of wires and parasitic oscillation, avalanche ruggedness, snubber circuits and so on 11/2016
Describes thermal equivalent circuits, examples of channel temperature calculation and considerations for heatsink attachment 2/2017
Describes the guidelines for the design of a gate driver circuit for MOSFET switching applications and presents examples of gate driver circuits 8/2017

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Describes current imbalance in parallel MOSFETs and the mechanism of parasitic oscillation 8/2017

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Describes the oscillation mechanism of MOSFETs for switching applications 8/2017

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Name outline Date of issue
Describes the lineups of MOSFET 9/2017
Describes the lineups of power and small-signal MOSFETs by package 3/2016

Reference Design

Reference Design
Name Outline Date of issue
Describes an overview of the power supply, design reference documents, electronic files that can be imported into EDA tools, and an overview of the constituent devices 10/2017



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