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Electrical characteristics of MOSFETs (Dynamic Characteristics Ciss/Crss/Coss)

Capacitance (Ciss/Crss/Coss)

In a MOSFET, the gate is insulated by a thin silicon oxide. Therefore, a power MOSFET has capacitances between the gate-drain, gate-source and drain-source terminals as shown in the figure below.
Ciss is the input capacitance, Crss is the reverse transfer capacitance, and Coss is the output capacitance. Capacitances affect the switching performance of a MOSFET.

Data sheet description

Characteristics Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
Input capacitance Ciss VDS = 20 V, VGS = 0 V, f = 1 MHz 7370 9600 pF
Feedback capacitance Crss 58
Output capacitance COSS 1930

Electrical Characteristics: Power MOSFET Application Notes (PDF:1,092KB)

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