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How to select a suitable high voltage MOSFET for the application that current flows in the body diode. (e.g. Bridge circuit)

Following body diode characteristics are important to select the MOSFET.
 ・Fast reverse recovery time trr
 ・Small peak reverse recovery current Irr
 ・Low forward voltage VF
In the operation of the bridge circuit, there is a Q2 turn on mode in a state that a circulate current flows through the Q1 diode (Figure 1 - ①). At this timing, the Q1 diode is reverse recovery mode.
During this mode, Q1 and Q2 are short-circuited(Figure 1 - ②), causing a large loss (Figure 1).

Generally reverse recovery time of high voltage MOSFET is longer than low voltage MOSFET’s.
Toshiba has a lineup of high speed diode (fast reverse recovery time) products with the high voltage MOSFET.
This lineup has "5" in the last digit of part number. (e.g. TK16A60W5)
Please refer to the lineup and consider using it. (Link of high speed diode MOSFETs lineup)
Figure 2 shows reverse recovery current comparison of high speed and standard type of diode.


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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.