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OFDM Demodulation and Error Correction ICs for Digital TV Receivers

This figure shows OFDM Demodulation and Error Correction ICs for Digital Terrestrial Television Receivers.Toshiba leads the market for ISDB-T (digital terrestrial broadcast) and ISDB-S (digital satellite broadcast) demodulation ICs designed for digital TV (DTV), set-top box (STB), PC and other applications.
Toshiba’s demodulation ICs for ISDB-T applications can be used for products targeting not only the Japanese market but also the Philippines that has selected the ISDB-T standard, as well as South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Ever since ISDB-T and ISDB-S were in the research phase, Toshiba has been developing OFDM demodulation ICs and has shipped over 227 million for digital home, automotive and mobile applications so far (as of March 2016).
The TC90527, which is available in production quantities, is compliant with the ISDB-T, ISDB-TSB and ISDB-Tmm standards and supports Emergency Warning and Early Earthquake Warning broadcasts. To meet the bandwidth requirements of foreign countries, the TC90527 is designed to conform to multiple ISDB-T channel bandwidths (6, 7 and 8 MHz).

Product Lineup

This illustrates the packages for the OFDM demodulation and error correction IC.

List of the OFDM Demodulation and Error Correction ICs for Satellite, Digital Terrestrial Television Receivers
Part Number Feature / Function TV Standard Output Format Applications
TC90527 Single ISDB-T ISDB-T MPEG-2 TS Digital Home Appliances
TC90532 Dual Demodulator AC Support ISDB-T
MPEG-2 TS Digital Home Appliances
TC90522 Quad Demodulator ISDB-T ISDB-S MPEG-2 TS Digital Home Appliances
  • *: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing: One of the digital modulation schemes used for wireless communication. OFDM consists of a number of modulated carriers that are closely spaced. Although the sidebands from each carrier overlap, they can still be received without interference. Therefore, OFDM is a popular scheme for wideband communication using a narrow frequency range efficiently.


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