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PFC Control ICs

  • Improves the power factor of AC and DC power supplies.

Toshiba has launched the TB6818FG and TB6819AFG PFC control ICs that are suitable for operation at high and low power levels respectively.

The product photograph of PFC Control ICs: TB6818FG, TB6819AFG.

Benefits and Applications of Toshiba PFC Control ICs

  • TB6818FG
    • PFC hold on momentary AC outage
    • Audible noise reduction for the PFC transformer
    • Combination of high-speed operation and FET protection
  • TB6819AFG
    • Brownout protection
The TB6818FG and TB6819AFG are suitable for power supply applications in LCD/PDP panels
as well as various boards.
Applications Products
Higher power
(Over 200 W)
Large LCDs TB6818FG
CCM Type
Lower power
(Under 200 W)
Medium/small LCDs TB6819AFG
CRM Type
AC Adapters
General purpose

Purposes of PFC Control

Reducing harmonic current

This figure shows an example of using PFC Control ICs.

(Application Example)

This figure shows an example of current waveforms before and after harmonic current reduction.

Current Waveforms

  • Improves the power factor by reducing the harmonic content of a current.
    Stabilizes the AC input.
  • Stabilizes the PFC current.
    Enables a power supply circuit to keep a constant supply of a nearly perfect sinusoidal current.

This figure shows how power reduction is achieved with PFC control.

CCM Continuous Conduction Mode (TB6818FG)
・Suitable for power levels above 200 W
・Fairly complicated circuit
CRM Critical Conduction Mode (TB6819AFG)
・Suitable for power levels below 200 W
・Relatively simple circuit

Product Lineup

Toshiba offers PFC control ICs that operate in continuous conduction mode (CCM) or in critical conduction mode (CRM):


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