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Bus Switches

A group of switches optimum for quick switching and disconnection of bus line. Low ON resistance. In addition to 3 V and 5 V types, a level shift type is also available, which is capable of responding to different power supply systems.
Provided mainly in subminiature, slim packages and optimum for portable device systems.


Standard Bus Switch

High Speed Bus Switch

Bus Switch development Roadmap

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これは、バススイッチ開発ロードマップの図です。General Bus SwitchUSB2.0 Bus SwitchUSB3.0 Bus SwitchPCIe3.0 Bus Switch

Frequency vs Gain Curves (-3dB Bandwidth)

周波数特性のグラフGeneral-Purpose Bus SwitchUSB2.0 Bus SwitchUSB3.0 Bus SwitchPCIe3.0 Bus Switch



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List of Bus Switches
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