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Multi Purpose Timer (MPT)

The MPT is a set of timers which are capable of IGBT control, high resolution by selecting source clocks and flexible setting of dead times. PMD mode performs inverter control of a motor using synchronized 3-phase PWM outputs (U, V, W, X, Y and Z). It can be also used as general purpose timers.

High resolution (by source clock selection)

Preferable resolution is realized by selecting a source clock among 25ns (φT0), 50ns(φT1), 100ns(φT2) and 200ns(φT4) @fc=40MHz.

Emergence Stop (EMG input)

A low level signal on EMG input stops PPG output and generates an interrupt. It is used for overvoltage protection.

Setting Dead Time

Dead Time can be set at the duty from 0% to 100% with the selected resolution to adjust characteristics of IGBT devices.





Product List

TX03 series products incorporating a Multi purpose timer are displayed.


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