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Vector Engine

Vector control traditionally consumes much software resource. A microcontroller can not work effectively because of shortage of software resource if main capacity of the embedded memory is occupied by the vector control software.
Toshiba has introduced a hardware IP into microcontrollers which handles complicated calculations in the vector control without detailed instructions by CPU. The hardware IP is Vector Engine. The Vector Engine performs transformation from 3-phase to 2-phase, rotation coordinate transformation, and those reverse transformations, which are main calculations in the vector control. The performance of the microcontrollers has been drastically improved when cooperating with the Vector Engine in vector controls.


Highly flexible hardware

Since the requirements for speed control and position estimation differ greatly among individual applications and users, they can be implemented via software. The vector engine provides great flexibility in allowing you to create various schedules that define a combined sequence of VE and user’s software operations to perform. The vector engine supports two operating modes: Scheduled mode that executes a series of operations consecutively and Single Task mode that executes individual tasks one by one. Schedules can select a task that causes the vector engine to start execution.

Highly flexible hardware

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TX03 series products incorporating a Vector Engine are displayed.


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