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M3H Group(1)

Arm® Cortex® -M3-based General Purpose Microcontrollers for Consumer Devices


  • High-performance Arm Cortex-M3 core, operating at up to 40MHz
    Based on the de facto standard Arm Cortex-M core
  • A wide line-up of memory and package variations
    Low-pin-count packages (32 to 100-pin) and small flash memory sizes (32KB to 128KB)
  • General-purpose microcontrollers for a wide range of applications
    The wide range of applications supported by the new group covers motor control, consumer and industrial equipment.
  • AD converter, DA converter, PMD, UART, I2C, TSPI, timer


Consumer electronics, office automation equipment, housing and facility equipment, Audio-visual equipment, motor control applications, and a wide range of consumer and industrial applications

System Block Diagram (Refrigerator)

System Block Diagram (Refrigerator)

TXZ3 Series M3H Group(1) Product List

Product List

TXZ3 Series M3H Group(1) products will be displayed.

Development Environment

Click "Development Environment TX Family / TXZ Family" for information on TXZ3 Series development environment products.

Evaluation Board

Customers can check the functional features on the evaluation board through the actual operation.

Chip One Stop, Inc. AdBun-M3H6 (TMPM3H6) evaluation board
Included hardware : TMPM3H6 evaluation board
USB Cable
Evaluation Board

Application Notes / Sample Programs Mais

Sample software is operation check software made in unit of function, which is working on the evaluation board. Sample software used on the M3H Group(1) evaluation board with CMSIS driver examples.
It contains driver software.

Sample Project

Arm Genuine Product MDK and IAR Systems EWARM

Integrate Development Environment : MDK-Toshiba


  • Arm’s genuine  tool
  • Toshiba version of MDK-STANDARD
  • Amazingly Low Price (a year license)
  • No function limit

Integrate Development Environment : EWARM


  • Supported by integrate development environment for partner suppliers
  • GUI for Japanese editions
  • Sell for a  wide range of licences  from  free of chage edition to charged edition.
  • ICE, static analysis tool support

(*) For pricing information please contact your Arm office authorized development tool distributor in your region.

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* All other company names, product names, and service names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies.


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