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M4L Group


M4L Group(1)

Low pin-count microcontroller suitable for a motor control

  • Based on a high-performance Arm Cortex-M4 (with FPU function) core, operating at up to 80 MHz, and supported floating point calculation.
  • Built-in Toshiba unique Vector engine (A-VE) itself is the hardware which processes a part of required work by vector control, and it allows a motor control with reducing CPU loads.
  • Built-in self-diagnostic function of ROM, RAM, clock, and ADC as a self-check function.


Air-conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, ventilation fans, ceiling fans, power tools, etc.

System Block Diagram (Air Conditioners)

System Block Diagram (Air Conditioners)

TXZ4 Series M4L Group Product List

Product List

TXZ4 Series M4L Group products will be displayed.

Development Environment

Click "Development Environment TX Family / TXZ Family" for information on TXZ4 Series development environment products.

Sample Programs Mais

Sample software is operation check software made in unit of function.
It contains driver software.


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