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Magnetic Sensors

Digital-output magnetic sensors that are switched on and off by sensing the magnetic flux density of a permanent magnet. The magnetic sensors available in two versions: the highly sensitive TCS10 Series and the standard TCS40 Series. These devices are ideal for open/close sensing for a variety of applications, such as Cell phones, NotePCs, DSC and DVC cameras.

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Ideal for applications with open/close contacts.

  • Senses the magnetic flux density in the vertical field.
  • Provides a digital output.
  • Senses the South pole, North pole or Both poles.

Operation Example

Operation Example

Application Examples

Application Examples

Product Lineup

Sensed Pole Part Number Magnetic Flux Density Average Current Consumption Output Configuration Package
South pole TCS30SPU |Bon|=1.8mT(typ.)
Push-pull UFV
North pole TCS30NPU Push-pull
Both poles TCS30DPU Icc=8.5μA(typ.)
TCS30DLU Open-drain
TCS40DPR |Bon|=3.4mT(typ.)
Push-pull SOT-23F
TCS40DLR Open-drain


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