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RF ICs for Extremely Low-Power Radio Applications

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These years, more and more applications use radio frequency (RF) to communicate, and a variety of RF ICs are being required that meet the respective needs. The recent pervasiveness of electronic products has resulted in an increase in environmental electromagnetic radiation; this is driving the needs for RF ICs that deliver improved communication reliability (i.e., EMI immunity). To address such needs, Toshiba offers RF ICs with the industry's highest receiver sensitivity.

Applications: Extremely Low-Power Radio Applications

Block Diagram of an Extremely Low-Power Radio Receiver

This is the Block Diagram of the Transceiver IC (TC32306FTG)

Extremely Low-Power Radio Application Examples

This figure provides examples of the Extremely Low-Power Radio Applications.

RF IC Offerings for Extremely Low-Power Radio Applications

For Extremely Low-Power Radio Applications IC Lineup
Part Number Functions Availability Frequency(Hz) FSK ASK Package Status
315 M
to 915 M
230 k/280 k

MP: Mass production
Note: This transceiver IC can also be used as a receive-only IC.


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